Finger on the Trigger

Looking Back


I was beginning to get worried. Shane had disappeared and Rick was out lookin' for him. I couldn't let myself get caught up in that now, if somethin' had happened to them, then we needed to be ready to go.

"I fixed tea. You want some?" Carol asked.


Carol, Andrea, Maggie and myself sat around the dinner table. We all tried to carry on a conversation but given our situation, it was hard to. I could tell by the smiles on their faces that they were thinkin' about the way life used to be. I was thinkin' about it too. It seems we've all been thinkin' about that lately.

"I bet it's a boy," Maggie said.

I just laughed. I was just beginning to show.

"If we're makin' bets, then I say it's a girl," Carol said.

"Nah, I think Maggie's right, it's a boy," Andrea replied.


All I could do was cry. My eyes were shut but I could still see him. Someone had came in and pulled him off of me but it still felt like I was pinned.

"Open your eyes, Beth. Run!", a little voice in my head told me. I can't, if I open my eyes then it's real.

I don't know how long I laid there but it felt like forever. I finally worked up the courage to open my eyes and sit up. I pulled my pants up but my shirt was ripped.

Rick and Shane were beating the hell out of each other.

"Stop it!", I screamed, still crying.

Shane was on top of Rick beatin' him with something. The gun I had brought with me was on the floor.

I picked it up, aimed and pulled the trigger.

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