Innocence Lost (Sample)


i jumped back and stopped to face the remaining six vamp, just to hear an engine's roar. I sighed. I knew that sound. it was Sam and Dean Winchester. Secrets In Shadows Series In a world of Supernatural, a young girl is fighting the good fight like other hunters, until she becomes the monster. Horrified, she uses her abilities for good until she meets three hunters, Sam and Dean Winchester, and Castiel from heaven. Shocked, she is thrusted into their hunting experiences and meets things that shouldn't exist. She finds out the Supernatural isn't the only things hiding out in the dark, and she may be connected to one of them. Along the way she realizes her parents weren't her real parents and her sword is apart of her past. She is given something no one ever thought to exist, a dragon. What will happen if they see her gift? Who is she? Why gift her a dragon egg? What is she truly? Is she good, or is she evil? What would it take for her to live happy?

Horror / Mystery
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Innocence Lost To The Girl In Black

Chapter 1:Meet And Greet

I ran down the alleyway, my blood pumping in my veins, my breath even and panicky as I listened to the vampires that chased me. I was in Eldorado Springs, Colorado, looking for a vampire nest that's been taking children and forcing them to lure prey.

Stupid if you can ask me. I ran into some hunters who wanted to help but I ignored them, taking it upon myself to killing them.

Ever since my parents died by a demon five years ago when I was thirteen years old, I've worked alone and trained myself in the folklore to kill all abominations.

And then, I became one. I became a mutant freak with powers, wings, and the ability phase into a normal wolf, a Twilight-like werewolf, and a Skyrim-like werewolf.

now I was the abomination. but now that I have these powers, I knew that using them to kill things and save lives is what matters, so now I'm making the most of it, despite having no family, friends, or a relationship.

I felt the pain in my back and I ignored it as well, racing down the rained on streets for safety. not yet. I thought to my back, hoping my injured wings wouldn't fly out of my back and cause a scene for everyone to stare at me. I don't need the attention.

I began to pant and i spun around to whip out my long curved black blade with weird etches on it named Zikayel to kill the nearest vampire, the blade whistling through the air with precision and stealth. the handle was curved in an odd circle to grip more easily, the handle smooth yet rough all at once.

the blade was smooth and shiny, it's sharpness never dulling, it's blade never chipping for cracking, and the blade can be used to kill anything all the things I've came across so far, which isn't as much as other newbies since I've been training more than killing by the Way of the Blade.

It's an ninja art along with kung-Fu, hand-to-hand combat, and training in all weaponry not to mention folklore, and medical. the vamp screamed and layed with its head by its body in a grotesque manner.

i jumped back and stopped to face the remaining six, just to hear an engine's roar. I sighed. I knew that sound.

it was Sam and Dean Winchester.

"Sam! Dean! what are you doing here?!" I cried out in anger, watching the vampires glance at them warily. Dean chuckled and now stood next to me, his green eyes looking at me with a smirk on his flawless lips.

he held an machete while Sam held his own machete. word gets around when there's weapons that can kill creatures this powerful.

"we came here to help Azula." Sam said, his brown eyes holding sympathy for me. I rolled my eyes.

"I can take care of myself. I'm a big girl, okay?" I said as the vampires jumped at us with their fangs bared as I grinned and leaped forward to end their miserable lives.

after the vampires laid before us all bloody and gruesome, Dean and Sam turned to me. I watched them with mistrust in my eyes.

"we need to talk." Sam said. I sighed.

"yeah, well, I don't want to talk to you." I said and turned away to stare at a tall and sexy man with beautiful blue eyes, a tan trenchcoat, and coal-black hair. I was in shock.

"who is that?" I breathed as the man went to Dean but kept his eyes on me as if he couldn't keep them off of me. He looked curious. that made me blush. Dean glared.

"that's Castiel. Dean said. an angel." those words hit me at home. another monster. like me.

"oh." I said and watched his full lips spread to show off an award winning smile.

"hello." he said, his voice thick and deep. I nearly cried at how amazing it sounded.

"hello." I said back and smiled, his eyes lighting up with pleasure at my smile. I turned back to Dean and Sam reluctantly. my back twitched and I made a face, hoping that they'll stop until I can get away from them. Castiel noticed my discomfort and looked torn, looking as if he wanted to help me but couldn't.

"fine. I relented. we'll talk. what do you want to know?" Sam coughed and I knew what they were going to ask next.

"what creature are you?" Dean asked.

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