Innocence Lost (Sample)

Way Of The Blade

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Chapter 2: Zepha

I sighed and glanced away to see his 67' Chevy Impala, it's black coat needing a wash. I frowned. he should really wash that car. it's a classic car that's beautiful.

There hard to come by, and worth a lot of money depending on having the original engine, original frame, interior, exterior, and even the paint job.

"I'm not human and let's say that. I told them firmly, not trusting enough to reveal anything despite them helping me with the vamps. thank you for the vamps though." I added. Sam smiled and nodded. Castiel looked awkward and out of place. I knew the feeling.

"I need to get my car if you don't mind?" I asked and began walking, my sword back in its ebony and milky sheath that extended down by my left hip and curved away from me for protection and speed.

they noticed my blade. but Castiel spoke up first,

"what blade is that?" I shrugged and stopped.

"I don't know. my friend who was a hunter gave it to me for my seventeenth birthday before his guts were ripped out by a demon named Abbaddon." they watched me open mouthed.

"Abbaddon?" Dean said as if he knew who that was, and wanted me to confirm it. I nodded.

"yes. what's your business anyway?" I turned and demanded as we were now on Main Street where my GTO was parked. they eyed my sapphire blue baby.

"67' GTO?" Sam guessed, trying not to ignore my question but was curious and awed by my car. I grinned.

"yes. she's My Girl. I smiled in awe at her beauty. but your car is something." I said to them. Dean smiled in awe this time to, and I knew he was into his car like me.

"that's my Baby back there." Dean said proudly and I nodded.

"car from your family or did you buy it?" Dean's face faltered a moment.

"it was my father's car before he gave it to me." he said. I nodded in sympathy for him.

"I'm sorry." I said. I got mine from my mother. the motorcycle I have at home is my fathers. got nothing else except a few babbles here and there. I said and waved my hands out for emphasis.

Castiel was strangely and flatteringly fascinated by my life as if I he never really met any knew hunters before. Me neither. I'm not a fan of meeting people.

he stepped toward me and stood a foot from me as I lost my breath from being nervous. I don't like people or things close to me.

"that sword... I know it." he said and eyed it. I pulled Zikayel out of its sheath and handed it to him wordlessly. my sheath bore the name Zikayel in bold and large white lettering with black outlines.

"my friend wouldn't tell me where its from, only that its very powerful." I said. then Castiel's jaw dropped in shock.

"what is it?" Dean asked and stepped toward Castiel with a worried expression and a malevolent glare at Zikayel. I tensed up. that was my weapon. only weapon that does more harm to monsters than good.

"what is it Cas?" I asked. he eyed me in shock.

"this is an angel's blade." he said.

I was confused. I looked at the angel blade in Sam's hands and mine. they were totally different, and any dumb person could tell on that.

"Cas, do you have some screws loose? there not the same!" I cried out as Dean looked at the weapon with interest.

"this weapon was given to the first angel ever created. Castiel said. his name isn't known for you to hear, so sorry. the only thing I can say is this weapon was given to a demon when the angel didn't like it or its name. Zikayel, is its second name."

it's true name is Zepha, or, The Dark Blade. it hasn't been seen since Adam and Eve and used since the darkness." he eyed the inscriptions on the sides of the blade with even more interest.

"what's the language?" I asked.

"enochian. he said. I was confused but didn't push it. later, if I can get him to open up. I thought with an evil smile.

"so, it's like the First Blade?" Dean asked. Castiel nodded.

"yes. its very dark and can kill anything. they thought it was destroyed. looks like they were wrong.

"where did he get it?" I asked. Castiel shrugged and handed him back to me wordlessly before finishing my question.

"I don't know. honestly, maybe a demon's deal or finding it on a hunting trip." Castiel said.

"oh." I nodded. I slipped the blade in my sheath and looked away.

"I'm the Way of the Blade."

"Way of the Blade?" Sam was genuinely confused.

"it's a Japanese thing. I said. my friend, the hunter, or Bill. I thought in my head. he was a Japanese karate master that taught kids how to use swords and hand-to-hand combat instead of weaponry. how to defend yourself and to use your opponents against you." they were in shock, awe, and envious of me. it wasn't as fun at first. it sucked. I checked the time. crap. I had to go.

"got to go. I handed Dean a paper with my number. here, take my number, all of you. I looked at Castiel. you message me soon, ya hear? if your interested, that is?" Cas smiled at a new friend. I could tell.

"sure." he said. Dean rolled his eyes and Sam smiled. I smiled excited and brimming with happiness. maybe meeting new people isn't so bad. i thought and stared at them. Maybe their not so bad. Maybe.

"Kay. bye." they waved and I got into my car and left, Zikayel on my passenger seat. I was confused.

if this blade is what it is, known as Zepha, where did my friend get it and did he know about it's power? who was my friend? and what did it cost to get it? why me? I drove away with questions swirling in my head like a tornado.

Hope u like it! See you in the next chapter!!!

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