Innocence Lost (Sample)

The Monsters Inside Us

Chapter 3: old memories and lust for monsters: two weeks later

I was driving down the road in Gallatin, Tennessee, the buildings on both sides of Main Street old buildings and old businesses but few, the few already either shut down and left for abandonment, or a new business took over. I sighed and glanced in my rearview mirror, wishing I could see the boys.

ever since that vampire nest hunt a few weeks ago, I've had this urge to see him. even Dean and Sam, who are just as hot as Castiel. they weren't joking when they said those three are not only amazing hunters but are hot asf.

I pulled into a parking spot in Crestwood Towers Rentals, the wind blowing cold and horrendous for most people, but not me. I love the cold.

I smiled and headed up to the my apartment that was snuggled and very cozy. I managed to get to the third floor but ran into Mrs. Dodgem, someone who loves to be nosy and very loud.

"hey!!" she cries out loudly, her voice echoing down the hallway and down the stairs. I smiled with an oh shit face.

"hi." I said and went to my room and began unlocking the door. she was relentless with her annoying curiosity. she had to know everyone's business. if she knew mine, she'd never be curious again. I thought with a smile.

"so, where you been? vacation? a man?" she asked, her eyes beady and held greed to gossip with the other annoying ladies on this floor, which is three. all single and lonely like her, which made me pity them, but I'd never do what they do. gossip and sitting there is not a life for me.

"no." I said. she eyed me like I was a liar.

"well, where you been? I have your mail." she announced. I nearly had a heart-attack.

"what?!" her face faltered with worry.

"you have my mail? I growled, no longer trying to be polite. that's just rude! you know this box, I pointed to the box by my door, Is for my mail?!" she shrugged, her eyes on the floor. she regretted doing that now. it's not only rude, but I would like my own privacy!

if any hunter sent me any hunts and she read it, I'm done. I'll have to leave after killing her, and I like this place! I thought frantically. it's nice, pays low, and it has a nice view not to mention it's a nice place!

"I didn't know." she lied.

"yeah. better not have opened them." I growled. she paled with fear. she was tinier than me, and I was flexing my muscles to scare her more. it worked.

"no! of course not!"

"go get them." I snarled. she fled fearfully to her room. I sighed and rubbed my temples while waiting for her. it's been a rough day. I smiled when I was with my friend, he'd get angry if I was rude or impatient, he would make me train weaponry with him longer or drink raw eggs. it was awful, but it taught me discipline and respect.

that was before he was killed horrendously. the police said it was an animal and left it like that. but I knew better. I left his beautiful mansion in Gatlinburg before tracking down the beast to kill it.

sad part is, my friend left everything he owned which includes the house to me since he didn't have any family. he could've left it to charity or to his friends, but he left it to me.

but I never found it. later, I heard Dean caught her. The Knight of Hell named Abbaddon, and that is why I like them more than other hunters, although a lot of crisis happened because of them.

I sighed and she came over to me. I could feel my blackened and charred heart drop more when I saw my envelopes were half opened. life can be cruel.

there's a saying that's me: black hearts aren't born black-their were burned. that is what happened to me. seems like life is an oven for me and I'm the Thanksgiving dinner inside.

even though they started stuff, they sacrificed everything to fix it, and that's what counts.

at least they admitted they messed up and tried to mend the broken pieces. but to other hunters, it doesn't matter. their not counted even though there one of the best hunters any of them knows. or will admit.

I sighed and thanked her stiffly while holding the envelopes and opening the door, I stepped in, locked the door, and dropped my stuff by my couch that sits by my door and extends around to the other side of the wall with a sigh. then a voice startled me and I pulled a gun on the intruder immediately.

"you should be nicer to people Azula." I looked at Castiel with shock and awe. it was Castiel. I lowered my gun.

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