Innocence Lost (Sample)

Broken Angel With Broken Wings

Chapter 4: Why Trust Me Now?

"so, I watched him staring at me with an oddly pleased expression. I was elated to see him again. how have you guys been?" how you been? I thought.

Castiel's eyes were more ocean blue today yet beautiful, just like Dean and Sam's eyes.

All unique. He was so curious about everything that I wanted to smile but refrained.

"well enough." he paused and looked at me more closely. I sighed again.

"what is it? are you here on business or pleasure?" I asked. he began to smile.

"I don't understand that reference." he answered honestly. I grinned.

"Dean need something from me?" he nodded.

"we'd like you to hunt with us." I shook my head.

"well, um, where and why?" Cas looked at the window then. I felt my body ache like normal and I grimaced. It went unnoticed. My wings were still not functional.

"In Mexico and you can take care of yourself. The boys also like you." Castiel said. I gaped at that, my heart fluttering at the thought of family even though I fought the urge. They just need someone to help. Someone to use. I reminded myself.

"why Mexico? I asked. I'm far away! I won't get there for at least a week if I'm fast and lucky!" I cried. Castiel looked back to me with an, this is so obvious look.

"I'll take you." he said. I sighed even though my heart, body, and mind was screaming at that. I don't need to trust anybody although it's not about trust. I just don't like being out of my comfort zone.

"and my car? he shook his head. I felt disappointment course through my veins.


"my bike?" I asked hopefully. Cas again shook his head.


"dammit. I said and looked away. I needed a change of clothes. And there lucky I'm going to help." I added. he nodded.

"you can change before we go." he said. I jerked my head once in acknowledgement.

"kay. hang tight." I said and turned towards my room. he was confused.

"I won't go anywhere tight. he said, which made me laugh and stop. I laughed out loud.

"its an expression meant to not go anywhere, that I'll be right back." I told him. Cas looked embarrassed.

"oh." he said. I smiled at his adorableness. I can see why Dean adored him. I know they have the hots for each other. If you can't tell then your not as sharp as I thought people. I thought to the ones that hung around the boys.

"it's okay. hang on. I went to my room to the right by my small patio to get my clothes. I threw my old ones In my hamper and grabbed the closest and cleanest black and grey clothes I had hanging up.

then I packed some more things and came back out.

"done. ready?" Castiel looked back to me from the glass window and smiled.

"yes. Let's go." I said and Cas wrapped his arms around me with my stuff in my arms, his scent musky. He smelled of mint, old leather, alcohol, and pine.

The leather and alcohol most likely Dean's car and his jacket. Then a whooshing sound came and we were gone.

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