Innocence Lost (Sample)

A New Hunt, A New Fate

Chapter 5: The monster isn't the only thing we found...we found trouble

I glanced over at Dean irritated, the hot sun choking my lungs to the point of suffocation. I was angry.

"you only brought me here to watch your precious car!?" I screamed in rage. Dean looked away with a face of, now I wish I haven't got her to come here, look.

"look, it wasn't our idea. but..." Cas glared at Sam and Sam focused on my face with an I'm sorry look.

"why not?" I asked, looking at Cas to answer. he glared over at me.

"you know why." he said. I looked at him like he was an imbecile.

"what are you talking about I know? if I knew, would I ask?" I yelled, my temper flaring and now causing me to go into convulsions. I shook and gritted my teeth, my vision wavering from normal to rainbows, my taste of blood and nature to back to normal.

have to keep it together. I thought weakly, gasping as I controlled myself. I stood straight after five minutes and glared at Cas. now I knew why.

"you wanted me angry so I'd show you my abilities. your not going to keep me from hunting with you. you wanted to see how helpful I'll be despite my training in hunting." I accused angrily and hurt, my voice strained and gruff. Cas smiled strained at my saddened and pained emotions.

"yes. but, he shrugged and looked away. it didn't happen. can we continue now?" he asked with a smile.

"that was dirty. I growled but smiled back. fine." I said. I'll get him later. I thought with a smile. Cas frowned with confusion on that.

"okay, were hunting something that loves to rip their victims apart." Dean said as we got into their car, the heat less now but still overpowering.

"yes, but it likes to eat brains, hearts, livers, and splines. Sam said confused. and look at the claw marks and teeth. I glanced at the image. the body was strewn apart by something animal-like, but was huger than even our kind. I was confused to. what does that?" he asked Castiel. Cas shook his head.

"I don't know, but I'll find out. he said. I nodded.

"okay. so, what about me? or am I watching Baby?" I asked sarcastically and pulled Zikayel out and aimed it in parallel to me to eye the smooth blade's surface.

"you stick with us. okay?" he asked. I nodded. my stomach growled at that moment. I looked down at my stomach torn. I haven't eaten in almost three days. I felt nauseated.

"while we think and research, can we do that with food?" I asked. Dean and Sam smiled while Cas frowned at my belly but thought my reaction was adorable. then he to began to smile.

"of course." Dean said and pulled out of the field they stopped at to fetch me. why a field I won't ever understand. they could've waited and got me at a hotel.

then I remembered my last answer to why they were messing with me. oh. I thought. the field. that way they could see my ability and no-one else if I did use it.

I sighed and glanced out the window, noticing that Castiel had done left.

ten minutes later

we were almost to the highway when a storm began to break over us. Dean cursed and I laughed at the irony. waiting for food and there's heat smothering us. bout to get to a place for food and shelter and a storm breaks overtop us. Sam looked out the passenger side worriedly.

"Dean?" I watched something dark flash by us. I was panicking now.

"what?" he asked and hit the brakes to try to slow down.

"something went past the car. I said. something big. maybe the monster?" Sam and Dean tensed up, and Dean from the rearview mirror was about to say Cas's name, just for lightning to strike near us.

we froze and Dean cursed and swerved to his right to avoid the strike's impact while at the same time stay on the road and not fall the twenty feet below to our right.

I screamed and Sam shouted. we glanced around us warily after Dean managed to get back on the road and away from the danger for a minute before we began to calm down.

"that was close." I said and panted. Sam looked sick. Dean grinned.

"see? nobody can stop Baby." Dean said and patted his wheel fondly, and then the car was impacted by something black and round like an egg, and we went rolling down over the big hill to our right. that's when everything went black.

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