Innocence Lost (Sample)

My Abilities And More?

Chapter 6: The Crash

I felt lights dance in my eyes. I felt weak, numb. I couldn't breath for a second. a voice kept shouting my name. I didn't make it out. my ears felt sluggish, like there was water in them.

I wanted to shake my head to rid the irritation, but I didn't have the ability to move still. I finally could hear the voice shouting my name more clearly after fighting the darkness to get closer within my mind.

"Azula!!?? Azula! where are you!?" it was Sam. he sounded hoarse. I knew I was thrown from the car then because Sam's voice was still the same distance away, so I knew he was either trapped to where he can't move, or he was paralyzed.

and I knew he couldn't be paralyzed. I still couldn't move or wake up. what is going on? I thought in frantic. what about Dean? or Castiel? how? I thought out to Sam. his mind was very twisted and tortured like mine. he was relieved.

"are you okay?" he asked. I shook my head in his head.

"I don't know. I can't wake up, feel anything, or move. what about you guys? Dean okay? Castiel here?"

"oh yeah." Sam thought, his brain obviously having a concussion. he then called out to Castiel. I stayed in his mind weakly, fearing I'd go into the abyss that I managed to tunnel away from.

then I heard a flutter of wings from Sam's location to hear Cas cry out in horror at what he was seeing.

"Dean?" he asked out fearfully and I grounded my teeth in anger.

"not like anything's wrong with me?" I thought seething and Sam coughed.

"get us out of here and to a hospital! he cried. Azula's somewhere over there! I knew he pointed. she's in my head talking. Sam added. Cas, she can't move, wake up, or talk. Dean is unconscious."

"let me see." I thought and left his mind as I heard Castiel ripping open the driver door after pulling Sam out to pull Dean out carefully. then I heard the flutter of wings and I felt Cas leaning over me, his heat making my heart flutter. dang it he's freaking hot!! I thought.

I heard Cas laugh gently. he heard. crap. then I was lifted into his arms like a toddler, and then the pain was immense. I was forced to wake up.

I gasped in pain, my eyes fluttering open to see Cas's face inches from mine, his worry for me understandable. then I felt my wings shove out forcefully, and Cas gasped at my enormous wings.

"wow." he breathed, his eyes the electric baby blue that sparkled like stars in the night sky. my massive white wings were trailing behind us as he went back to Sam and Dean to heal us, the blood droplets following my wings like a lost puppy. They must've came out during the crash. I thought.

"what's wrong with me?" I asked Cas as he sat me on the ground gently next to Dean who shook his head with a pained look. his head was bleeding.

"Cas?" he looked up at Castiel with a relieved look. I felt pain.

Cas smiled and healed Sam and Dean first so they could scavenge the car to Dean's horror. then Cas sat next to me and I noticed my legs were broken, and luckily not my neck somehow. I didn't notice my other injuries.

"I'm lucky to be alive." I stated, hurt that he ignored my question. he nodded.

"your legs are broken, right arm is dislocated, two broken ribs, you have cuts and bruises on every inch on your body."

he noticed my hand and grabbed it gently as white-hot pain gripped it. I gasped again, the pain an old and dear friend.

"broken hand to." he stated. I nodded, the white-hot not just pain. Cas smiled again and touched my injuries, healing them.

"Cas, can you get Baby to the bunker?" Dean asked, his eyes hiding back tears and rage.

"what caused this?" I asked, looking at Cas. he frowned.

"what happened?" he asked. so I told him. after five minutes of him processing the information, he shook his head.

"this egg or round like surface was bigger than necessary. like a little bigger than a bowling ball." I said. Sam nodded. then I realized it was storming.

I stood up and felt better as Sam and Dean noticed my wings. they gaped. I ignored them and headed off even though the weather was beating down on us to see what caused this.

"get them to safety!" I shouted back and Cas stood up and stared at me fearfully. but he obeyed despite there cries and teleported them away.

I headed uphill to the road to see where we were, the ground uprooted by our crash. then I noticed a smell. it was weired. I inhaled and headed south to see another crash happened. the thing that hit us. I thought in shock. I ran to it, the storm making me soaked and numb. I fell into the smallish hole to see a large black egg with swirls.

I gasped in awe at it. it was beautiful. my wings spreaded out as I shuffled down three feet to it. I touched the surface and felt this burning on my hand.

I cried out and collapsed, the darkness welcoming me that I desperately tried to fight. then all went black and quiet.

It gets more interesting. I promise!!!

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