Losses beyond imagining

Chapter 18

Harry and Ginny’s seventh anniversary party was a good one. At least, so far so good.

Hermione had met Draco for another date and this time they had kissed. Draco’s eyes had glinted as their lips had met. Looked like he had passed the test…

Hermione hadn’t invited him to the party. It was meant to be a celebration and his presence… wasn’t really wanted or expected. Draco understood perfectly well and was thrilled that he didn’t have to meet the Weasley clan just yet… He knew if would eventually have to happen as they were Rose’s grandparents.

Hermione hadn’t told Rose yet either. She didn’t want to tell her until they were officially serious. There were still so many obstacles in their way… mostly family-related.

Draco in turn didn’t know when he would have to tell Hermione of the spell. He only felt like half a man but with having so much against him already it could quite possibly be the final straw…

“Are you all right, Hermione dear?” Mrs. Weasley asked. “You’ve been a bit silent…”

She smiled. “I’m fine… Just a bit tired, that’s all…”

“Doesn’t Ginny look lovely…” Molly sighed as she looked at her dancing daughter and son-in-law, on the dancefloor created on their lawn. “You helped pick out the dress, didn’t you?”

Ginny’s dark blue gown colored beautifully with her red hair and she looked almost as good as on her wedding day years earlier. Harry’s grin reminded Hermione of better days… when the family was still complete.

Hermione swallowed hard. “Yes, yes, I did…” Would her mother-in-law mention that Ginny had seen Draco that day…?

“Can’t believe it’s been seven years already.... Of course, you and Ron would have…”

Hermione smiled sadly. It would also have been their seventh anniversary soon. What would Ron say if he knew about… Tears sprung in her eyes; he would not have been pleased at all!

“Oh, I’m sorry..” Molly said softly, “me and my big mouth…”

“Don’t mind me…” Hermione said. “It’s days like this… isn’t it?”

“Yes… and Fred…” his mother mumbled. “And to think that George could have dated Angelina and now has brought this… this monster with him…”

George had been far braver than Hermione and was actually dancing with Medusa amidst his entire family. Her long black hair flowed across her back as she twirled around in her green and silver dress.

“And to wear those colors!” Mrs. Weasley continued. “The cheek of her! As if we’d forget she’s a Slytherin…”

“Perhaps…” Hermione tried carefully, “it’s what is best for George right now. She is part of a twin herself..”

“Aren’t there any good twins…? Without such a horrible background?” Molly shrieked. “You disappoint me Hermione… You really do! Defending him like that..!” she shook her head sadly and stalked away.

A little later George joined her. “Thanks for sticking up for me! I owe you one…”

“If this is what she’s like when I’m just defending you, I can’t image what..” Hermione whispered and continued: “George, what do you think Ron…” Her voice faltered.

He sighed. “I don’t know Hermione… When he died the war still felt so near to everyone… but now..”

“Do you think he will ever forgive me?” she almost choked on the question. “I really do like Draco…”

“He would want you to be happy, not miserable… For Rose to have a father..”

“But that’s just it… Ron would flip if he knew… he’d freak out!”

“Have they met already?” George asked.

Hermione shook her head. “No, it’s much too soon for that… We’ve a lot of other things to deal with first…”

“The extended family…” George sighed.

“On both sides…” Hermione answered gloomily.

Narcissa hadn’t discussed Draco’s dates with her sister. Knowing Andromeda, she would be delighted. That was the last thing she wanted to hear…

She couldn’t talk to anyone about it, least of all Draco. He seemed to change so rapidly. Narcissa had even found some Muggle books in his closet the other day! This was really getting out of hand!

Narcissa broke down. She began to cry in the loneliness of her bedroom, the black wallpaper befitting her mood, but when she returned to the spacious living room Lucius immediately noticed.

“Cissy? Can I help?”

“It’s nothing,” she hiccupped. “Nothing at all…”

“Have you forgotten I know you far too well for such nonsense?” he scolded. “Tell me!”

Narcissa could no longer keep the secret…. “It’s Draco,” she sniffed. “He is changing so rapidly… Do you remember that Granger girl…?”

“How could I forget?” he snorted. “Such an awful creature…”

“He is dating her!” she cried out. “Kissing a Mudblood and… and who knows what else?!”

“Why did you not stop this?!” Lucius shouted at her. “You should have stopped him…”

“I tried… I truly…” she hesitated. Draco had blackmailed her, but she couldn’t tell him that..

“I thought your skills were better than this…” he said severely disappointed.

“He is allowed to make his own decisions, Lucius, however much it may pain us…” Narcissa said feeling lost and defeated.

“I shall speak to him as soon as possible… When will Draco return?”

“It’s a night shift tonight…”

The moment Draco apparated into the room his father’s voice called out to him: DRACO!

“What?!” He snapped. “I’ve had a horribly night… two deaths… and…”

“I don’t care! Your mother has informed me of your idiot plans…. These dates with the Mudblood…?!”

Draco sighed. He would have liked to have postponed this particular discussion. The sound had woken Narcissa and she joined them wearing her lacy black nightgown.

“Yes father, I am indeed seeing Hermione…” he said defiantly, his eyes as fierce as Lucius’.

“You will be defiling the blood line!” Lucius boomed, “mixing the purest blood of all with pure filth!”

“Don’t worry father!” Draco sneered in return. “I won’t!”

“Yes, you will. Muggleborns are far too fertile… and she will have a child with you…. It pains me to think of it…” Lucius threw his hands into the air in frustration.

“I promise you the bloodline won’t be defiled… In fact… I can even swear it…” Draco said quietly, with a threatening undertone.

Narcissa knew what was about happen... and she felt unable to stop him…

“Our line has ended already…” Draco stated evenly. “The Jennings spell had nothing to do with my health, but with my Wizard fertility instead…” He quickly turned on his heel and swept out of the living room, still wearing his black travelling cape, leaving Lucius complete baffled…

“Cissy..?” he asked trying to keep in his tears. “Do you know what this is about?”

She swallowed hard. “We didn’t want to… to hurt you, Lucius..” she said. “But the spell was the dreaded one…. The one pure blood families have feared for generations…”

“I dare not even say it…” he whispered. “Is it…?”

Extinctio…” Narcissa confirmed.

Her husband looked even worse than when Voldemort had taken his wand, worse even than when they were desperately searching for Draco during the Battle of Hogwarts, even worse than during his stay in Azkaban…

“I think I’m going to…” He left the portrait by the heavy door behind him, and Narcissa heard him vomit out of sight.

Narcissa knew she would have a mighty task ahead of her trying to convince her husband this wasn’t the end of the world. For Lucius, of course, it was….

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