Losses beyond imagining

Chapter 25

Draco like staying at Hermione’s even if he hadn’t met Rose yet. He loved her television, which always made Hermione giggle. He knew how to control it now, though it had taken a while. Muggle inventions were kind of interesting… They had cars and computers…

Obviously, he couldn’t share his newfound love for Muggle things with his family, and the only other person Hermione knew who was so obsessed with Muggle inventions, would be far too reluctant to even talk to him…

Hermione wondered if she should force a meeting somehow… it could serve the double purpose of showing that Draco had changed and them discussing their favorite subject…

Fortunately, an opportunity came about a lot sooner than Hermione had thought to arrange…

During an extremely busy day in a busy week, Draco had offered to cook for the both of them as Rose was with Hermione’s parents for a few days. While Draco was trying to remember the chopping spell for onions and carrots for the sauce, he heard the whoosh of the Floo.

He peered into the living room, Hermione wasn’t supposed to come home for another hour…

“Draco?!” Mr. Weasley was looking at him, shocked to find him there..

“Mr. Weasley…” Draco said, equally appalled.

“Er, is Hermione about?” he asked.

“She’s having a long day… won’t be home for another hour, I’m afraid…” he replied.

“But you’re already here? Doing what if I may ask?” Mr. Weasley sounded a bit stern.

“Chopping food… Well, I’m meant to anyway… but I can’t remember the spell…”

“Muggles do it without spells you know…” Arthur mumbled indignantly.

“Perhaps you could show me…” Draco said.

Arthurs mouth fell wide open. “The… the Muggle way?” he stammered.

“Yes… It should be interesting…” Draco replied calmly. “I couldn’t find any cooking shows on the television… Hermione told me they existed… but just when you need one…”

“Murphy’s law…” Mr. Weasley said.

“Never heard of it…” Draco said as Mr. Weasley joined him in the kitchen.

“Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong…” Arthur clarified.

“A bit of a pessimist, was he?” Draco smirked.

“I have no idea,” Mr. Weasley acknowledged. “I merely know the saying..”

After they spent nearly ten minutes talking about food and kitchen tricks, Muggle and Wizard, the kitchen became silent. The sauce was simmering slowly and the atmosphere changed.

“So… have you been staying here a lot?” Arthur ventured to ask.

“Sometimes… only when Rose is with her grandparents…”

“But not at the manor…” he gathered.

“I’m not sure Hermione is up for that yet… nor my parents…” Draco said gloomily.

“You and her…” Mr. Weasley shook his head. “I still can’t understand it…”

“My father feared it….” Draco let slip, smiling sadly.

“Lucius… he thought that you would… end up with..? Really?” Arthur found it hard to imagine.

“He thought my mind was far too preoccupied with her…”

“Molly would probably say the same thing…”

“I think Hermione…” Draco swallowed hard, “is waiting for your blessing… as Rose’s grandparents… and Ron’s…”

“My son is dead… and to have someone else raise Rose is hard enough in and of itself… but someone like…”

“Me..” Draco provided.

“Is even more difficult to stomach, yes… of course it is…” Mr. Weasley sighed.

“She hasn’t let me see Rose yet… Said you asked her to…” Draco’s eyes narrowed, these Weasleys would always be in one’s way, much like his father had taught him…

“We didn’t think she would listen…”

“She said it was a compromise… because she has obviously not stopped seeing me…”

“No…” Arthur said, studying Draco’s face intently. “She must really have faith in you…”

“I think she does…” Draco softly said, the cockiness momentarily gone.

“Well,” Mr. Weasley said, gathering his robes to make his departure—he would visit Hermione another time — “at least it seems as if you have stopped Muggle bashing… that’s for sure…”

“My father-in-law was here just now?” Hermione moaned. “Oh.. no.. what happened…?”

“We had a little chat,” Draco said cheerfully. “He showed me how to slice food the Muggle way… Not unlike potion-making, apparently..”

“And..?” she asked apprehensively.

“And what?” he teased, raising his white eyebrows.

“No-one got… wounded..?”

“The knives were used on the food only,” Draco grinned. “He wasn’t too pleased to see me, of course, nor does he like me near his granddaughter… but… I think I made a reasonably good impression anyway…”

“I hope so…” Hermione worried. “I really hope so…”

“Nothing we can do!” Molly shouted. “What do you mean nothing we can do?!”

“As far as I can tell, he is practically living there when Rose is not around… He knew where everything was in the kitchen, could operate the veletision…” Arthur sighed.

“Making Ron’s house his own!” Molly said, fuming with anger.

“It’s Hermione’s house now mum,” Ginny said, as she was eating some hot soup. She often ate at her parents’ when Harry had to work late. The Jennings case was making him do overtime quite often.

“He’s got a whole manor to live in… Why does he have to be at our Ron’s?” Mrs. Weasley moaned.

It was obvious why…

“Hermione isn’t too comfortable staying at the manor, yet, he said, the cheeky bastard…” Arthur continued, “and his parents don’t care much for that idea either…”

“Isn’t Lucius dead?” Ginny asked puzzled.

“His portrait seems to be as vile as ever… and quite prominent too, from what I’ve gathered…” her father replied.

“Silly, silly girl… She is so smart, Hermione… and making such a dumb choice…” Molly lamented once more.

“She listened to our advice about Rose though… I don’t know why..” Arthur wondered. “He said it was a compromise of sorts, as she obviously was still seeing him..”

“The arrogant git…. Horrible..” Molly’s rant would last for quite a while, causing both Arthur and Ginny to become slightly irritated.

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