Losses beyond imagining

Chapter 27

The following evening, Hermione was sitting on the kitchen counter. Her plain white panties dangling ‘round her ankles. Draco stroked her inner thighs and was slowly working his way up. They had just finished doing the dishes…

She softly moaned as his long fingers stroked her… Their speed quickened and suddenly they slid inside her. Her heartbeat rising, she felt her body nearing the heights. She leant back as he slowly brought her to the top of her senses. Hermione screamed, closing her eyes, as he grinned in equal satisfaction. Draco loved her expressions of ecstasy.

He kissed her sweaty face, her tousled curls, and she still moaned. Both of them did not hear the sound of the Floo…

“’Mione, dear… Where are you? Are you all right? I thought I heard someone screaming….”

Mrs. Weasley let all her bags fall on the floor when she saw the scene before her…

They were… together… Him and.. Hermione… Her underwear was… not on.

“Shit,” Draco muttered as Hermione stared wide-eyed at her mother-in-law.

Mrs. Weasley quickly turned around, running towards the mantelpiece, no longer concerned for her groceries.

“Oh, no,” Hermione moaned, not from pleasure. “I’ll have to go after her…. Do some…”

“damage control?” Draco asked. He knew it would never work! “Perhaps it’s better to just let it rest… pretend it didn’t happen…?”

Hermione hesitated. Perhaps that was the best course of action….

“She will still need her shopping, though…”

“Send it through the mantelpiece… I’m always doing that with shopping, no need to carry it…”

“I didn’t know you could do that…” Hermione mumbled. It wasn’t that often that Draco knew more than she did. Draco grinned at her admission.

“Molly? Back so soon?” Mr. Weasley quickly tried to hide his small Muggle remote controlled airplane. He had wanted to see how it worked, but was having a hard time putting it back together…

“I… I….” she stammered.

“You look like you’ve seen a ghost!” Arthur said, staring at his pale wife.

“He was there…. Malfoy…. Together with Hermione….” She swallowed hard.

“He does seem to be there quite often, you knew that, right?” Arthur didn’t understand.

“Together together…” she whispered softly. Catching on, Arthur clasped his hand over his mouth….

“Oh, Molly…” he laughed nervously.

“It isn’t’ funny!” she snapped. “I was mortified… I am mortified!”

At that precise moment, her shopping bags came through the Floo network with a large whoosh, startling her once more…. Molly nearly fainted in shock.

Hermione had decided to take Draco’s advice… and a good thing that was too…

“Oh, Arthur,” she said sighing heavily, as she recovered. “You were right, I think…. There’s no stopping them… Not if they can’t even keep their hands of each other in the kitchen…”

Arthur smiled, a glint appearing in his eyes, as he peeked around their kitchen…

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking…?” he wondered.

Molly giggled. “We haven’t done that since…”

“About time then.... Don’t you agree?”

Harry was having a far nastier time than both the Weasleys and Draco and Hermione. He and Elphaba had checked out the cave with no success at all, and were now travelling towards the abandoned village by a haunted lake…

“Shouldn’t we have gotten back-up..?” Elphaba worried. She didn’t want to undermine her boss, but he was stubborn and eager to get himself into dangerous situations sometimes, more so than her anyway.

“Only if we find them,” Harry mumbled, “no need to use their valuable time for another dead end..”

“So why do Muggles think the lake is haunted?” she wondered.

“At night…” he began, “the lake lights up sometimes, lights from the deep, other times there is sort of a low rumble coming from it or very beautiful but eerie singing….”

“How would that fit in with…?”

“No idea. But the villagers finally all left the village and it would make a good hide-out… No-one around for miles to notice what you’re doing…”

As they were nearing the lake, Elphaba hoped that he Muggles had been superstitious rather than having a valid reason to leave… She didn’t like the idea of mysterious deep rumbles, nor crazy lights…

Harry looked at his partner. For an Auror, Elphaba was a bit squeamish, however the death of her sister had given her plenty of motivation. Harry knew the powers that be had deliberately placed them together. Elphaba’s caution was meant to balance Harry’s recklessness. So far, it had actually worked out pretty well.

“Do you want to split up?” Harry asked. “Both covering a part of the village…?”

“All right,” she replied, not wanting to give in to her fears.

“You’ll start over there… at that mill…. and I’ll apparate to the farm…” he pointed at a faraway farm which looked as if it was about to collapse.

“Better not venture inside…” Elphaba warned.

“I’ll just take a small peek,” he promised. “Any sign of trouble and we’ll apparate right back to this spot here, near this willow.”

The huge lake-side willow was an easily recognizable point. Elphaba nodded. Time to swipe the village for possible signs of foul play…

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