Losses beyond imagining

Chapter 6

Perhaps Draco should have contacted some Aurors, Harry in particular. Draco’s information could provide the break Harry desperately needed as Draco could still give, after all these years, a clear description of the woman involved. If he had opened up, they could have found out that this group fought against Voldemort and were a part of the right side, except for having ulterior motives.

It appeared that they sought to restore ancient spells and ways of magic. The spell that had killed Ron had been outlawed but perhaps they wanted it reinstated. The spell that had hit Draco had been forbidden too, but they had no qualms about using it. None whatsoever.

Like Voldemort they sought power for their own kind, and were quite happy to fight all others. Ron’s death seemed to be a simple mistake. They had burgled the house for powerful items that were hidden there and had killed the house’s occupants in their search for it.

“There was a strange man today, mum,” Rose said to Hermione.

“What was he like? What do you mean by strange?” she answered alarmed.

“He looked at me when I was hopping that Muggle game you thought me but he just stood there. He didn’t say a word, but he did laugh… but that was strange too…”

“Was he laughing at you? Rose, did he approach you?!” Hermione grew a little worried. Did someone want to harm her child? They would have to deal with her first!

“He chuckled but he looked very sad… That’s strange, right? You don’t laugh if you’re sad…” she didn’t understand it one bit…. Neither did Hermione.

Who was this strange man? She told her child to warn her if he looked at her again and to tell her straight away.

The description that she provided did fit one person in particular… Nearly white hair, black suit and travel cape… Stern looking. But it couldn’t be…? Hermione didn’t think so. Why ever would Draco Malfoy be interested in her child? She was merely a half-blood after all…

The man she had been writing with had stopped corresponding. He had been a heartless bastard, leading her on like that… Hermione was absolutely done with the Owl-line! He hadn’t even bothered to turn up! Hermione was determined to only look for actual people now, living breathing ones, and solely stick to face-to-face interactions.

He had told the librarian that he had come across a rare bit of magic and she had been very eager to help. Draco recognized her as a younger sister of Millicent Bulstrode, not as stocky, and apparently quite smitten with him. He wondered how her parents would feel about that…

Hidden away, between stacks and stacks of books, he felt like he was Granger for a moment. She was always carrying books wherever she went. After he’d had his tiny breakdown when he noticed her child, he had seen her walking in the ministry’s halls a few times. She looked at him rather strangely nowadays… Like she wanted to asked him a question, but she snuck away every time he tried to approach her. Such a strange creature that woman was…

Hermione would shake her head at herself every time she backed out of talking to Malfoy. It wasn’t as if she was afraid of him! She’d even punched him in the teeth once…

But she knew it would be the weirdest question ever… Are you stalking my daughter? Rose hadn’t mentioned it again, so presumably he had just been out for a walk or waiting for someone. He might not have even have known who she was….

Hermione was not going to make a fool of herself by asking him. She was determined not to… yet a part of her, the protecting mother part, and the curious girl part, really really wanted to know what had been going on…. If only she was as good at Legilimency as Snape had been…

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