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What happens when you die? Is there a heaven and a hell? Or do we get reincarnated into something better than our previous life? Eve Daster ponders on the answers to these questions as she wonders around, lost and alone. After the wreck she had nothing, her family was gone. They were taken somewhere with a person in weird clothing, but she was the only one left behind. Please read! I do reads for reads and vote for vote. So please if you would like to do either just PM me here on Wattpad! Cover by: Damn_Love_Girl

Horror / Thriller
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So here in West Virginia they force us students to write a short story for the"Young Writer's" contest. You must write a story that has at least 700 words but can't exceed 1,000. This year I have decided that I would write a Bleach fanfiction because Bleach is amazeballs. I will be publishing the story here because, why not?! I mean I wrote the story, so what's the point of just throwing it away after I get a grade on it?! This is my first fanfiction, so please be nice. Thank you!!!

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