The Month of No Gods


Chapter Sixteen: Vorona:


I always go down to Yagiri Pharmaceuticals every Saturday. I try not to make eye contact with anyone in the mornings. How could this have happened? How could Shizuo be taken down like that so easily? We were only gone for a few moments and he was kidnapped and turned into that. By the time we found him, he had a bull head on his head and his body was covered in injuries. There was a dead woman lying on the floor of that basement bar. We couldn’t get that bull head off of his head. Egor and three other men ended up taking Shizuo away somewhere.

A couple walk by me, but we don’t make eye contact. It isn’t just Shizuo that I am worried about. Something about the city doesn’t feel right. The children try not to look at any walking by them. They carry their little orange lanterns with them. I keep hearing whispering behind me. Slon have been acting creeped out because of it. I tried to ignore it.

I had to get Tom to tell me where they were keeping Shizuo. He didn’t want to say anything at first.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked.

“I have to see him,” I said in a low voice. I couldn’t explain why. Tom showed sympathy on me and gave me the address.

I stood at the gates of Yagiri Pharmaceuticals. I could feel something really bad just by standing here. Everything was so silent around the building. Was this place ever this dark? I walked up to the call box on the gate. I pressed the button.

“Hello?” the operator asked.

“It’s me,” I said. “I came to see him.” The gates opened and I walked through. I couldn’t shake the feeling of someone watching me. Now, I have never believed in ghosts or demons. All of my books that I read have disproved them time and again. But, I might have to rethink everything that I know the more I come down to see him. How can they keep him in this place?

I kept my head down as I walked up to the doors. The guards searched me before they let me in. Already, I felt cold when I walked inside. They claim that it is not the air conditioning kept at this low level. I couldn’t help but wonder otherwise. I shook the thought from my head and walked down the hall.

“Good morning,” the receptionist said with chattering teeth. I waved her off as I walked by. The lobby was so cold that I could see my breath. The strangest thing was that the basement was never this cold.

I made it into the elevator. The cold followed me inside as I rode down to the basement. I couldn’t let him suffer like this anymore. He’s in so much pain. I have to end it. The elevator doors opened when it reached the basement. I kept my knife well-hidden in my pants.

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