The Month of No Gods


Chapter Nineteen: Masaomi:


We had to come out and explain the truth to everyone. That annoying had to try and kill Mikado after that other demon was exercised from Seiji. This couldn’t have happened at the worst time. Chiharu ended up licking up the blood off of ground. We didn’t get time to act, however.

“He called you a tadpole,” Seiji said. “What does that mean?” Mikado’s eyes widened as he started to tremble. He so scared as he grabbed onto my arm. I stood, struggling for an answer. I promised that I would stay by Mikado’s side and try to save him from this game that he keeps talking about. Anri coming along to help me made things much easier. I could go back and forth between Mikado and Saki when I needed to.

“Oh shit,” I muttered. We had to tell everyone thing. Actually, Celty did most of typing on her PDA and with her shadows. Mikado could barely speak. I tried to fill in the blanks, but I couldn’t understand it myself. I don’t know what is going to happen next, but we have another problem on our hands.

Or rather, I have another problem on my hands.

I am starting to have visions again. I had this one last night. I found myself sitting in a police interrogation room. I thought moments before, I was at Mikado’s apartment again. We might have been asleep when there was a knock on the door. I opened it and found a police officer standing outside. He wanted to see me and asked me to come with him down to station. We didn’t know what was going on. I went with them quietly.

“What’s going on?” Anri asked. I shook my head uncertain. I sat that police interrogation room for what felt like hours. I looked up when I heard the door open. A detective in a white shirt and brown pants walked inside. I couldn’t hear what we were saying to each other. But I did know what he was talking about.

“We have you on camera walking up to your girlfriend’s apartment,” he said. “Just tell the truth!” Only, they weren’t sure it was me. They had the footage of a guy walking up the stairs to my apartment. From behind it looked like me. Put from the front and side, the camera would glitch out, blocking out the face. I told him I was with my friends last night. I wasn’t sure that he believed me or not. I couldn’t look at the bloody crime scene photos of Saki. I think about threw up when I saw pictures of her face beaten in. She had been stabbed several times. It wasn’t enough for the killer to stab her. They had to bash her face in because they that she was too pretty even in death.

I still shutter when I think about it. I don’t know if this is all real or not. It would be foolish to think not.

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