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The Month of No Gods


Chapter Two: Celty:


Shinra has been trying to keep me in the dark about this whole Tandeki mess. But, it’s too late. It’s been too late for quite some time. There are some things I haven’t told him yet.

I still have that bag from the first job hidden in the closet. I haven’t touched it or looked inside. I don’t know what I would tell Shinra. I haven’t even met the client myself. They don’t even give me full instructions on what I am supposed to do. They always leave an envelope with a huge sum of money in it. But that’s about it.

The last job was another package with a package of money. No address and no clues of who is hiring me for this. I put the package in the closet along with the bag. I haven’t looked in either one.

That’s not the only thing either.

I am starting to see demons and other entities around the city. I haven’t been the only one for quite some time. There are some that stand out to me, however. I do not know what they want from me. The last demon I saw warned me that there would be stronger demons coming. If I tell Shinra, he’s going to try harder to keep everything from me. But, I think he knows that it’s too late for that. He still tries anyway. We don’t talk about it. I don’t ask questions and he doesn’t bring it up. We just pretend everything is fine.

I don’t think that is going to last long anymore.

I have been tempted to talk about the jobs and the client that I have been on. But, I don’t know what to say. I start, but it all vanishes. It doesn’t help that he doesn’t ask either. Meanwhile, Shingen pulls Shinra deeper into this mess. I am worried that something will go wrong if this keeps up. Last night confirmed my fears.

“Are you okay?” Shinra asked when we got home. I didn’t answer. Could more demons possess our friends whenever they pleased? And what about the one that tried to kill Mikado? More demons could go after him and the other tadpoles. If I am near them, they won’t be able to defend themselves.

Those demons are not the only ones that have me worried.

What did those two strange people want? That woman with her baby. The man with the fox ears who disemboweled himself. Plus, that woman in front of my apartment. Why did they come to me? What was my employer? What is in those packages?

“Celty. Celty!” I heard Shinra yelling at me. I looked up to see him staring me down.

[Oh,] I typed. I started to type more on my PDA, but I froze. I really need to tell him what’s going on. But how am I going to say it? Would he try and change the subject again?

[Actually, Shinra,] I typed. [There is something I have to tell you.]

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