The Month of No Gods


Chapter Twenty: Kitano:


It is time for us to advance forward. Junko-sensei has gotten F back. The Tadpole project is progressing nicely. We only have one more gate left. This is farthest we’ve come in the game. Still, we can’t rest. We have just come out of phase two and just started on phase three.

Plus, I still have other problems that I have to deal with.

There are still the other gangs that can catch on and try to stop us. We’ve already killed off the Blue Squares. Aya-sensei took things further when she killed the Red Demon of the Awakusu. It’s still not enough. The others need to be stamped out soon. We can’t act too quickly. It will draw too much attention. The last thing we need is to have the police on our hands. I have been in an interrogation room. It’s a waste of time. I don’t want to have to through that again.

I have been keeping track of everything unfolding so far. I have to in order to make sure this game goes right. Meanwhile, I have to see watch over Vozrozhdeniye and Mam trying to take the lead. They both want my precious pets for their own motive. I will not let this happen. They aren’t my only problem.

When you become a parent, you learn the psychology of children. Ever since I became a father, I have learned the tricks and lies that my daughters tell. Because of this, I can tell when Izaya-san is up to something. He sings praises about his love for humans. Now, why would someone who loves humans so much be signed on to this game? Etsuko-sensei had a feeling that Izaya-san had ulterior motives for joining us.

“We can’t trust him,” she told me. She’s right. I keep him around because he is just a child. A child that cannot be trusted to run around with a pair of scissors. Children can be dangerous when left unchecked. I know this because I am a parent after all.

As you can guess, Izaya is a loose end in this game. We can’t trust him but he is not stupid to act right now. We will dispose of him when the time is right. I do have an idea of who he’s working for. To be honest, I have to applaud his boss. He’s actually trying to undo this game from the future. I didn’t expect him to commit to his mission.

I laughed to myself.

I didn’t think this game was going to get more interesting this time.

Suddenly, I heard my phone buzzing from desk drawer. I opened the top drawer and reached inside. Ah, will you look at that? I got up and walked across the room. H pushed in the access code and walked inside. And sure enough, the Heartseed started to glow a light green. Which drug is that again? I pulled out my leather notebook and looked through the pages.

Ah, this should be interesting.

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