The Month of No Gods


Chapter Twenty-Five: Shiki:


It doesn’t make any sense.

Who is this Tandeki Group? So far, we know about the basics about the inner circle. Two of them are therapists, one is a doctor, and the other two seem to lab techs of some sort. (One of them is at least. I am not sure what Myojin-san is just yet. Also, Kitano-sensei used to be a doctor too.) Everything about them looked so clean. Too clean.

Then, there is the fact that some of the members used to work for Chou Mori. Everyone knew about the horrors of that place. There had been rumors of human experimentation going on behind the scenes. The more we dig up, the clearer the picture becomes. The earliest we have managed to find is in 1989. Until then, everything had been minor. The staff cut corners for budget cuts. Most of the problems did tie back to money.

I turned the page in the notes.

These human experimentations were something else. We Yakuza are used to blood and death. But what they did to these patients…

I shuddered.

It almost amazes me that they kept this hidden for years. Almost. There were investigations into Chou Mori, but they never went far enough. The staff didn’t seem to care either. The experiments stopped when Chou Mori shut down in 2013. Or that’s what the official reports say.

Kazamoto is still looking for information on Rampo Biotech. I don’t know how this all connects to Akabayashi’s death yet. The cause of death is still undetermined. I managed to hold of the autopsy report. (Crooked cops on the inside made things easier.) Just looking at confirmed what Celty told me. His organs looked like those of a ninety-year-old man’s. Akabayashi’s heart just stopped for no reason. Toxicology came back negative as I thought it would. He had no injuries on his body either. But what did this have to do with Tandeki?

My phone rang.

“Hello?” I asked. I could only hear static on the other line as it sounded like someone was yelling in the middle of a storm.

“Hello?” I asked. “Who is this? I can’t hear you. Hello? Hello?” The line went dead. I looked at my phone. What the hell was that? That was another thing I noticed. Some of the other executives have been getting the same call too. It’s hard to say what it is. I do not like what is about to go down around here. Ever since Akabayashi died, the underbelly has been running amok. The drug dealers have gotten bolder. Plus, there is the Red Rabbit Club.

I rubbed my forehead.

They have been operating on turf for a few years now. Nothing seems to be able to get close to it. Rumors have been circling that they have ben drugging their workers for the clients. In fact, Akabayashi was about to investigate them for doing such things. He said that he was onto something days before his death.

I think they had him killed because of it.

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