The Month of No Gods


Chapter Twenty-Six: Chiharu:


I’m going to lose myself. I don’t know what happened. I could smell blood and my mind just snapped. Everything just disappeared around me. The taste of blood was like life-giving water. I had never tasted something so rich before in my life. I had to have more.

Now, I just felt sick.

I sat huddled in my arms, trembling. Aniki won’t let me go anywhere. Big mouths Mikado and Masaomi had to tell him what happened. Speaking of which, I do not remember being back in my room. I don’t even remember blacking out. I just woke up on my bed with my wrists tied to the top.

The pain had settled down, but it comes back in small waves. I want more blood. I need more. I can’t take this anymore.

I broke down screaming as I tried to free myself.

“Shut up!” Tatsuya yelled from across the hall. It won’t be long before it takes over me. My trimmers grew worse. Pretty soon, it will be incoherent screaming. I will stop being human after that. I am scared. It didn’t help that my old memories were coming back. I thought that part of me died when I escaped my body.

But then that cunt had to bring to back.

The more I struggled to get free, my wrists hurt more. Soon, my body gave out. I lay on my side, panting. I need more blood. The best I could do was fall on the floor from my bed. I couldn’t even stand up. I wanted to die. I could hear that s voice ringing in my head.

She did this to me. She’s the only reason I am like this. Why wouldn’t Mikado and Masaomi kill me? They can’t help me. It would’ve been easier if I had died then and there.

No, I couldn’t think like that.

I had to get back at Junko. She was the reason why I was like this. But I will have to do it which I still have my mind. I started panting heavily. There it was again. I need more blood. That first taste was not enough. I need more! My body began writhing around on the floor. Was that me screaming out in pain? I couldn’t be sure.

I don’t know how much time has passed. I just lay there panting and covered in sweat. When did it get so dark? My hands were still tied together. Why did I have to be tied up like this? I’m not a threat. I’m still here. I haven’t lost myself… yet.

But I don’t even know how long that will last.

My body hurts again. How long has it been? I could die if I don’t get more blood. I have to get out of here and get more. But where am I going to get it? How am I even going to get out of here?

I just heard footsteps. What is it now?

I looked down as the door opened.

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