The Month of No Gods


Chapter Twenty-Seven: Anzu:


I don’t like these new changes. Now, we don’t sleep anymore. We don’t get tired because of it. I do not enjoy being up all night. We are trying to find ways to fill the night. Tetsu has taken to watching old movies at the theater downtown. Mikado is on his computer all night. Some are looking for other tadpoles like us. Others are trying to find a way to stop the Tandeki Group.

What am I doing?

Kendo has already calmed me down. I easily connect with the sword. It all that I can do for the moment. Sometimes, I switched it up and used my blood to practice with. I frowned when I remembered my own powers.

He’s forcing us to use them more. If we don’t use our powers, our bodies will rot from the inside and we will die. But if we use our powers, will stand out. We can’t win. It didn’t help that we are constantly being followed. What were supposed to do now?

My swings grew harder and faster. This was all I could to keep from going crazy. My friends were starting to worry about me.

“What is the matter?” Maiko asked me on a Friday. I had force myself to smile.

“So many things have been happening,” I said. I couldn’t tell her what was going on with me. She wouldn’t understand. Maiko-chan didn’t even know about the time I was in Chou Mori. (If you were tortured in a place like that, you wouldn’t want to talk about it either. Would you? Didn’t think so.) I saw the worried look on her face.

“I can handle it,” I lied. “I will be fine.”

Why do you keep lying to her?

I ignored Sota’s voice in my head. Maiko didn’t take her eyes off of me. I laughed and rubbed the back of my head.

“Enough about me!” I said. “Are you doing?”

“Fine…” Maiko said, blinking. Her thoughts told me otherwise. I put my hands on her shoulders.

“You don’t need to worry about me,” I said. “I am going to be fine.” I then noticed the stars in her eyes she looked at me. I waved my hand in front of her face.

“Maiko-chan?” I asked. “Hello? Hello? Maiko-chan?” She swallowed back her drool.

“I want more sweets,” Maiko-chan said. I drew back my hands as I realized what happened. This happened before. Azusa’s power drew my friend to become mini-sweets monster.

“Come on,” I said. “Don’t go crazy. Stay focused. You are on a diet, remember?” Maiko-chan shook her head.

“Right…” she muttered. “I’m sorry.” I sighed. Azusa’s power made life more disruptive to us. We can’t be touched without anyone’s desires increasing. I touched Maiko-chan the first time and she spent the weekend on a sweets binge.

“It’s okay,” I said. “I am here to get you back on track.” It’s not much, but this will have to do. Truth is, Maiko-chan is one of the few things left keeping me together.

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