The Month of No Gods


Chapter Twenty-Nine: Naomi:


I have always been the one to take care of everyone. I don’t mean it, actually. In high school, I wanted to be a social worker. I am still studying to be one, but I am also taking care of my “brothers and sisters” too now.

I sat on my bed, looking out the window. A pair of strong arms wrapped around my shoulders. I stroked the hand.

“Kenji?” I asked. I turned to see a young man blushing at me.

“Did you want something?” I asked. He shook his head. I gave him a little smile. It’s been peaceful like this for three years. I don’t understand what Kenji sees in me. I mean, he could have any girl he wants. But he chose me that first year we met.

However, he doesn’t know about my powers, yet. I’m too afraid to tell him.

“Are you okay?” Kenji asked.

“Yeah,” I said. It hurt to lie to him like this. How could I expect him to understand? I can’t even tell him about my time at Chou Mori. My stomach turned. I spent years trying to bury that time in my life.

I had a normal life until I was at least fourteen or fifteen at the time. The details of how I ended up at Chou Mori were still hazy. I do know it was a birthday party for my crush at the time. Ever since I was twelve, I had a crush on this boy who was a year and grade older than me. All of the girls at my school liked him. When he spoke, he made you feel like you were the only person in the room. I wanted to talk to him at least, but I never had the courage.

Then one day before summer, I found a party invitation in my shoe cubby hole. I didn’t know what it was first. When I opened it, my eyes widened. I held in my little hands a birthday party invitation from my crush. To be fair, he invited many girls to his party, but that didn’t matter to me. All day, I walked around with a goofy smile on my face.

I wore my favorite red dress that day. My aunt did my hair in curls. I wanted to stand out and get his attention.

“You look beautiful,” my mom said as I showed off my dress.

“Thank you,” I said.

“What time will you be back?” she asked.

“Nine,” I said. “I’m going with a friend.”

“I’ll leave the light on for you,” mom said. We hugged before I walked out the door. That would be the last time I would she her that laid back again.

I turned to face Kenji back in present day.

“Actually, I am not really okay,” I said. I didn’t know why I said that. Maybe I felt telling someone my problems for a change.

“What’s the matter?” Kenji asked. Well, too late to turn back now. I took a deep breath and opened my mouth.

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