The Month of No Gods


Chapter Three: Megumi:


I can’t fuck. I can’t drink. It all just sucks ass.

Still, I will have to keep going.

I scrolled through my phone and sighed. There’s nothing interesting tonight. Disappointing. Not like I could go out clubbing. It’s just loud, pounding noise with horrible smells. I rolled over onto my stomach. The others are rather boring.

Well, not all of them.

Minami Naoki. He always seems so lonely. I can’t really blame him. We can’t really trust normals anymore. (Heh, stupid name if you ask me.) I never wanted to see that creepy asshole ever again. Hearing his voice makes my skin crawl. When he made that video, I ended up throwing my phone across the room, screaming. We can’t get away from him.

I try not to think about that asshole. It’s all that bitch’s fault that I am like this. Reform school, my ass! She sent me to hell! I will get her for this!

I shook my head.

This anger is not good for my head. But, I cannot help it. He’s determined to not let us go. His stupid experiments are ruining my life. I already can’t have sex or get drunk. What more could be do to me? Sure, more men are attracted to me. What’s the point if they’re just going to die after we do it?

I am starting to get mad again. I pulled up my text inbox on my screen. My finger started to go for the message chain I started with Naomi. She’s probably going to think that I am just bitching and moaning again. But, I need this and she doesn’t complain either. Mainly because she’s in the same boat I am. Without the not having sex without killing people part.

Fuck it, I am just going to do it.

I pulled her up and just started typing.

“I’m starting to get pissed off again. Thinking about that bastard will drive me insane. Give something else to think about.” I felt so much better and hit send. I dropped my phone by my side. Just as I had expected, I could feel it vibrate in my hand. Thank you for small wonders.

“They found Seiji,” Naomi wrote back. I narrowed my eyes at the screen.

“Who is that again?” I typed. I pressed send.

You can talk to me this way, you know?

I sat up with a jolt. Don’t do that!

This is much easier for us to communicate this way.

I wrinkled my nose. I don’t like it.

Why is that?

It’s like an invasion of privacy. I can hear all of your voices in my head.

We can’t see what you are thinking.

I know, but still… I frowned and rolled over onto my side. Never mind. Who is Seiji again?

He was one of Mikado’s friends from school.

Another normal?


Oh. I can’t sleep around, party, or get drunk like I used to. But, talking to Naomi will have to do for now.

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