The Month of No Gods


Chapter Seven: Madoka:


I got away from her now.

Grandma lied to me all of this time? Not only that, she made grandpa sick all of this time. She can’t keep the truth from me anymore. I fear to know what she would’ve done to me if she discovered that I remembered my time in Chou Mori. I pushed those thoughts out of my head and tried to focus on my situation at hand.

I left home and stayed in a capsule hotel over the past few days. I have been looking at small apartments to live in. I’ve had some help from Naomi-san.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” she asked me in a coffee shop.

“I couldn’t stay in the apartment with any longer,” I said. I grew angry just thinking about grandma. I took in a slow breath.

“I’m sorry,” I said. Naomi-san patted my hand.

“It’s okay,” she whispered. I nodded.

“Where do you want to live?” Naomi-san asked.

“I want stay in Ikebukuro,” I said.


“I want something I can afford. I am still in school.”


We began our search through the papers. I had picked up a part time job to help pay for part of the rent. I still had money from my grandparents. I had been saving up over the past few days. I haven’t told anyone outside of our little group that I ran away from home. I won’t go back there. I have been ignoring her calls. I might just go ahead and block her number. Grandpa won’t come home because he’s scared of his own wife.

“Naomi-san, can I have a moment?” I asked.

“Of course,” she said.

“Thank you,” I said. I bowed my head and got up from the table. I just had to get before I got myself angry again. Grandma doesn’t even know about the powers I have. I walked into the bathroom and locked myself into a stall. I looked up at the ceiling. I could see every little detail above my head. To be honest, my eyes don’t hurt as much as I use my powers. I don’t even wear my glasses anymore. Just wish that all of those guys in my classes would stop hitting on me.

Suddenly, my phone rang again. I groaned as I pulled it out of my bag. Sure enough, it was grandma again. I declined the call once again. There’s nothing she can say that will change my mind. I can’t go back and pretend everything is normal. Tandeki stripped that all away from me. They haven’t stopped either. I don’t like what they are planning to do with us.

Are you feeling okay?


If you want to talk I am here for you.

I sighed and shook my head. It wouldn’t do any good. I feel like I would just be blue in the mouth at this point.

No, I’m fine. I’m coming back now. I took a breath and walked out of the bathroom.

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