Power Rangers Gemstrike


2,000o years ago , a war broke out between heaven and hell. 12 gods and goddesses sealed away Mao, a evil being. Now it’s up to 12 teens to stop him. Thousands of years ago , the gods in the Mystic Realm and the demons of the underworld fought in a thousand year war. Millions were killed : Humans , Gods and Demons alike. It was a brutal war. The gods thought this was the end for them until one day , a meteor of light crashed in the country of Gaea. Within it , 12 gems emerged from it , baring incredible power that no one has ever seen before. The gems scattered to various parts of the world to seek out their new owners. They were Bridget of Ireland (Red) , Izanami no Mikoto (white) , Fernir (Blue) , Tsukuyomi (Pink) , Dolos (Black) , Aphrodite (Yellow) , Neit (Crimson) , Anput (Violet), Kratos (Green) , Itus (Bronze) , Kagutsuchi (gold) , and finally Hachiman (silver). With these gems , they became a group of elite warriors that people know today as "Power Rangers." In the final days of the war , the team seals away the Demonic King , Maō , into the Seal of Hell. With the war at an end , the gods and goddess went their separate ways. Thousands of years later , Maō has broke out from his seal , wanting to take out his vengeance at Earth. Now all the gems must be found to stop Mao.

Fantasy / Adventure
Clara Johnson
Age Rating:


Long ago , in the Mystic Realm ....

“Everyone , keep fighting! Push them back!”

“Tighten the defenses!”

“They’re coming from everywhere!”

“Damn it all , just keep defending! We’ll defend this place until the last man is standing!”

A brutal war between gods and demons broke out. At a castle by the border between the land of light , Gaea and the land of fire , Kai , the demons known as Hellblazers were relentlessly charging towards the army of the Alliance , killing all who stand in their way and trying to break into their last line of defense , Rashomon Castle.

“If this keeps up , we’re done for!” Said a soldier who was manning the gate , trying his best to keep the hellblazers out of the castle.

All of a sudden , an advanced Hellblazer known to the gods as a demonoid level 1 kicked the gate open , causing the soldier who was guarding the gate to fly back. The soldier saw the Demonoid jump up , ready to strike. But as soon as it could strike the soldier , it was cut down immediately. The soldier looked up to see a woman with red hair in red knight-like armor , holding a claymore as the Demonoid fell into two pieces.

“Are you alright , soldier?” The red-headed woman looked at the soldier and holds out her hand.

“Yes thank you.” The soldier says taking her hand , getting up.

Hellblazers started charging in , heading towards the soldier and the woman until they were cut down by two people.

One person was a japanese female with a white robe and armor on , a black katana in her hand and a fierce look in her eyes.

The other was man with black short hair , wearing knight-like armor like the red-headed woman but it was crimson. In his hands were twin claymores.

“Bridget , are you okay?” Said the japanese woman.

“Ah , sister , what did I tell you about just charging out into battle?” said the black haired man.

“I’m fine , Izanami. And yes , I know , Neit. I’m the leader so I should be more careful.”

The woman , now known as Bridget , sees a man with blue wolf like clothing , a japanese woman with a rose pink kimono on with little armor appears , kicking the Hellblazers away from a group of soldiers.

“Are you guys okay?”

“Don’t you worry. We’ll protect you.” The woman gave the soldiers a motherly smile.

The man in blue wolf clothing is Fernir lord of shapeshifters.

In pink is Izanami’s baby sister, Tsukuyomi , the lady of dragons and moon goddess.

A man in black loose clothing smashes the heads of the Hellblazers together and punches one of them to the wall of the castle. This was Dolos , the greek god of trickery.

A woman in very revealing yellow clothing appeared and waves at the Hellblazers. “Hi~” The Hellblazers tilted their heads until they were hit by a giant blade from a man wearing gold spartan armor with green clothing under it.

“Hmph. Weaklings.”

“Great job , Kratos. I might give you a kiss on the cheek after this.” The woman giggled as the man rolled his eyes.

These two were Aphrodite , the Goddess of Love and Kratos , the ghost of Sparta.

A woman in egyptian robes with violet jewelry on her body sends a whirlwind that goes through the hellblazers defeating several at a time. She smiles straightening up revealing to be Anput. Lady of wind.

A muscular man with bronze armor on with a giant shield was charging his way through the Hellblazers. “Rrrraaahhh!!! OUT OF MY WAY , YOU DAMN DEMONS!!” roared the man as he hit several Hellblazers , making them fly. This was Itus , the God of Protection.

A man with gold armor holding a staff was knocking back the Hellblazers away. He says something in a different language and holds out his hand , a wave of flames engulfing them. This was Kagutsuchi , the Kami of Fire

A man with a buddhist robe on with silver armor holding a spear was slicing through the Hellblazers , cutting them down one by one. “You foul demons. I shall exterminate you all!” This was Hachiman , the Kami of War.

The twelve heroes get in a circle formation , seeing that more Hellblazers are coming in into the castle.

“Ah great. More of them.” Neit said irritated.

“Guess we gotta bring out the big guns. Right?” Dolos said , looking at Bridget.

Bridget nods. “Its time! Everyone!”

The group nods as the take out a gem , matching the color of their armor / clothing.

They pointed their gems to the air , shouting out these words…


The groups gets surrounded by a bright light , blinding the Hellblazers and most of the soldiers. As the light dimmed down , the group was now in armored suits , each with a different animal design on it. Bridget and Neit had a phoenix design on their helmets , Izanami with a lynx design, Fernir with a wolf design , Tsukuyomi with a dragon design , Dolos with a Cerberus design , Aphrodite with a swan design , Kratos with a ram design , Anput with a viper design, Itus with a lion design , Kagutsuchi with a griffin design and Hachiman with a eagle design.

“Lady of light! Red warrior!”

“Guardian of lightning! White warrior!”

“Beast of the Night! Blue warrior!”

“Priestess of the dragons! Pink warrior!”

“Guard Dog of the underworld! Black warrior!”

“Mistress of love! Yellow warrior!”

“Lord of Darkness! Crimson warrior!”

“Might of the Ram! Green warrior!”

“Goddess of the wind! Purple warrior!”

“Courage of the Lion! Bronze warrior!”

“Burn like wildfire! Gold warrior!”

“Deity of war! Silver warrior!”

The group thrusts their arms in the air. “We are the defenders of the Mystic Realm!”

“POWER RANGERS!” Bridget’s visor flashes red as she and the rest of the group poses. “GEMSTRIKE!”


Modern day , mid 2015.

“Ana! Ana , sweetie , wake up! It's time for you to go to school!”

A 17 year old redheaded girl woke up from her sleep and rubs her eyes.

”Mmm....Alright , Auntie , I’m coming.”

The girl gets up to go to the bathroom to shower. Unknown to her , a gold and red locket that beside a picture of a African-American boy who was a year older than her and a latino boy who was standing beside the girl , posing in what looked like a homecoming picture.

Inside the locket , a red gem with a phoenix design in it started to glow red.

The story of the 12 personed team begins now...

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