Power Rangers Gemstrike

Chapter 1 The Red Phoenix Part 1

After Ana's shower she rebandages her wrists and looks at the mirror. It has been months since her mother's death from brain cancer and her father's death from the hands of the Assassin Carddroid , Kage. Even though she's been trying to move on , she just couldn't. She felt like it was her fault that she couldn't protect her own father. She saw her friends becoming Kamen Riders , even the person who she loves the most, her childhood best friend, Sean Harada, older brother of her best friend Callie Harada , known to most people as Kamen Rider Gaia. Everytime she looked at him , she just only thought 'If only I was strong as him...'

Then maybe....


Ana shook her head and wiped her face. Now wasn't the time to be mopping around , she thought. She puts on her clothes and grabbed her bag. She grabbed her favorite locket and headed downstairs.

She goes into the kitchen to see her aunt Kathleen , a 36 year old dance instructor at the table with breakfast. "Did you clean your wrists?" She asks. "Yeah, I did." Normally bright and cheerful she's a shell of who she used to be.

"Sean and the others are gonna be coming in a little bit. I made your favorite." She smiled and handed Ana her breakfast.

"Thanks , auntie." She smiled slightly and grabbed the plate and eats her food.

The doorbell rings showing Sean and the others are here. Sean was on his motorcycle , a 2015 Honda CB300F called Flamechaser , while the rest was in Robert's car , a 2007 Cadillac.

"Hurry up so you won't be late for school sweetie." Kathleen says.

"Okay." Ana gets up staggering a little but steadies and goes out the door. "Hey Sean." Ana says to her childhood best friend.

"Hey Ana." Sean waved at her , leaning back on his bike. "You feeling okay?"

"Tired. Couldn't sleep last night."

"Wanna talk about it?" He said , handing her a spare helmet.

"In a bit." She grabbed the helmet and puts it on.

The teens get to school and head in different directions Callie with Ana in all her classes.

In Ana's social studies class , she was barely doing her work as she was just staring out of the windows. The bell rings causing Ana to almost fall getting up from the desk. In her pocket , her locket started to glow slightly.

"Huh what's this..?" The young teen says.

Right as she says that a bright red flash goes off behind her eyes causing her to drop to her knees.

Sean Cameron and Callie run to her. "Ana!" Sean yells.

"You okay Ana?" Callie said , looking at her best friend worriedly.

"Yeah...I think so." She says.

"I think I'm just over tired-" She's cut off as Sean lifts her up.

"Come on let's get you to the nurses office so you can rest." Sean says to Ana as he carries her to the nurses office. Ana doesn't argue half asleep already. After laying her down Callie unwinds the bandages around Ana's wrists and frowns seeing the stitches. Sighing , she cleans them and wraps a fresh bandage around them.

"So , what are we going to do now?" Cameron said , looking at Sean and Callie.

"I'll call Kathleen to come get her." Sean said , pulling out his phone

"She needs to go home and sleep." Callie says worriedly.

"Yeah." The three friends see Kathleen pull up with her oldest brother Ken.

"Kathy I'll get her while you sign her out." Ken says to his younger sister.

"Ok." Kathleen says as she signs out her niece.

"Sean do you want to go with us?" Ken asks the young man.

"Yeah. I'll sign out and let my Grandpa know." Sean says.

"Will she be ok?" Callie asks.

"We hope so Callie." Kathleen says worry filling her voice as she looks at her only niece.

Kathleen gets into the drivers seat of her yellow 1995 dodge turbo diesel straight gear.

"Sean keep ahold of her." Ken says handing Ana to Sean in the backseat.

"I will." Sean says holding her in his arms.

'Don't worry Ana you'll be home soon.' Sean says in his head looking down at her.

When they get to Kathleen's house, gently Ken takes Ana from Sean and when Sean gets out of the truck he hands her over to him.

"I'll take her upstairs." Sean says quietly trying not to wake her.

"I'll blow up the air matress it's Callie's turn to watch Ana." Kathleen says.

Sean nods and sees a text on his phone saying that a Carddroid is attacking.

"Oh you've gotta be s-"

"Sean what's wrong?" Ken asks.

"Carddroid is attacking. I'll run her up to the her room and head out. Keep anything sharp away from her." Sean says.

"We will." Kathleen says kissing her nieces forehead.

Sean jogs up the stairs into her room. Gently he lays her in bed kissing her cheek and runs back downstairs.

He ran out of the house , putting on his Nexus Driver as he mounts his bike. He puts on his helmet and heads off.

Callie walks to Kathleen's house a overnight bag filled with sketchbooks pencils and pens. Her clothes and other stuff in a drawstring on her back. She knocks on the door and smiles when Kathleen motions her in.

"How is she?" Callie asks Kathleen.

"Still sleeping. Sean will be back soon with the boys. And there's something I need to tell her once she wakes up. " Kathleen says.

"And what's that?"

"Um....Ana's not exactly normal."

"Huh?" Callie raised her eyebrow. "What do you mean she's not normal?"

"Do you remember when Ana didn't come to school because of back pains?"

"Yeah , why?"

"Well.....She has wings. She's half-angel."

There was a sudden silence in the room until Callie suddenly busted out laughing.

"Hahahaha!" Callie bends over , holding her stomach. "Y-you're joking , right? Ahaha!"

"Let's wait for the boys before I say anything else. Sean is going to want to hear it. I know he will." Kathleen says.

After a hour later....

Sean comes back , looking sore as he came in his Gaia Titan form , taking off his helmet and throwing it on the ground.

"What the? Bro , what's wrong?" asked Callie as she went down the stairs.

"Sean I need you to get the rest of your friends. I need to tell you all something." Kathleen says coming downstairs.

Sean looked at her , looking pissed off.

"Don't give me that. It's about Ana." Kathleen says.

"What....Is it...?"

"Get the rest of the boys and I'll explain."

He sits down , covering his face with his gloved hand. "It's all my fault...."

"Sean , sweetie..."

"I couldn't protect mom , and now Mr. Jack is dead because of me!" He punches the couch and hangs his head down low. "It's all my fucking fault...."

"Sean , look at me."

Sean kept his head down , tears rolling down his face.

"I know you're trying hard. I know you're doing your best to protect everyone. But , Ana wouldn't want to see you like this."

"Its already bad enough since she's cutting herself..."

Kathleen sighs and takes out a gold and red locket from her pocket , putting it beside him. "When she wakes up , give her this , okay?"

He sees Kathleen going back upstairs.

"Go get the boys and meet me in the living room in 30 minutes. Please. There's something all of you need to know about her."

Sean sighed and wiped his eyes. "Alright."

Kathleen went back to Ana's room as Sean De-henshined and went to the door. He opened the locket and smiled at it. It was a picture of him and Ana of when they were in Middle School. Before he closed the locket , he sees a red gem.

"The hell?" He grabs the gem and looked at it. "A gem?" He looked into her locket a few times before and there was never a gem inside of it. Could Ana be hiding something , he thought. No , it's impossible. Ana would've said something to him already. But at the current state she was in now....

He pulled out his Galaxy smartphone and texts Robert , Miguel and Cameron to come to Ana's house.


At a unknown place.

There were guards wearing mystical armor , holding long spears , guarding what appeared to be a seal. Inside it , dark black miasma was flowing around. Suddenly , dark , red eyes snapped open. There was a growl and a dark chuckle.

"The time is near..."


To be continued...


Next time , on Power Rangers Gemstrike :

"Ana's the descendant of a goddess named Bridget. She's also the daughter of a angel named Ithuriel."




"I was always shy...always scared...always running away! But this time , I'm not running away anymore! Gemstrike Morph!"

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