Power Rangers Gemstrike

Chapter 2 The Red Phoenix Part 2

Sean , Cameron , Miguel and Robert were sitting on the couch while Kathleen was sitting in a chair at the opposite direction towards them.

“Oookay , what's going on? Because I gotta go get my little sister in a few minutes.” Miguel said , looking displeased.

“Kathleen now would be a good time to tell them. Then tell Ana.” Callie said.

“Okay.” Kathleen said to Callie , nodding. She turned her head towards the boys and spoke. “Do you remember that day when Ana couldn’t go to school?”

“Uh , yeah. She said she had back pains , right?” Robert said , raising his eyebrow.

“I thought it was because of those massive boulders called tits she got.”

Sean smacked Miguel upside his head.

“Shut yo dumbass up.”

“Miguel do you need a ass beating?” Callie asked , cracking her knuckles.

“.....Yeah , I’ll just shut the fuck up then.”

Kathleen sighs , shaking her head.

“As I was saying...the reason she didn’t come to school was because...she has wings.”

There was a sudden silence until the boys started laughing.

“W-what the fuck!?”


“Oh lord , I think I’m gonna piss on myself!”

“Dios mio! This is too fucking funny!”

“Yeah , that's what I thought too.” Callie said. “But look.”

Kathleen takes out her phone and shows the laughing boys a video of white wings coming out of Ana’s back when she was asleep.

”Ohhh....Shit.” the four boys said in unison.

“Now do you believe she’s half-angel?”

Kathleen said to the boys.

“Half-angel?” Cameron said , tilting his head

“Ana’s the descendant of a goddess named Bridget. She’s also the daughter of a angel named Ithuriel.”

The boys looked at her like she was dumb.




“Uh...who in the world is that?”

Kathleen pinched the bridge of her nose. This is going to be a LONG day.

“Ok , do you want the long explanation?”

“Yes , please.” Sean said , rubbing the temple of his head.

“Okay , so there’s this world called the Mystic Realm. It’s where all of the gods are from. Well , some gods.”

“......Okay. Go on.”

“There was this war called the Centurian War. It was a war between the Gods and these demon called the Hellblazers. When all seemed lost , A group of gods and goddesses appeared and fought these demons with what is called a mystic gem. They are passed down through the generations and the gems choose who it’s wielder is. The red one , leader of the warriors is the Phoenix. Rising above the ashes to fight for what’s right. Much like Ana. She will become Gemstrike Red. White is second in command. The two are basically sisters. Izanami. Guardian of lightning. With a temper like lightning they balanced each other out. The rest can be explained later as you boys look like your brains may explode from the information I have explained. She should be waking up soon. I have a picture of her father if you want to see it. I’ll summon him soon so he can tell her. Now any questions?”

“One.” Sean raised his hand. “.....Are you high?”

Callie sighed and gets up , whacking her older brother upside the head. “Dumbass.”

“Okay okay soooo....if all of this is true , who’s Gemstrike’s enemy? Because every ranger team has a enemy , right?”

“Well , originally it’s supposed to be the Hellblazers , but at the moment , I have no clue.”

Sean sighed , holding his head. Great , just great. First , he’s dealing with Carddroids and now , the love of his life is going to be fighting demons.

“I have a picture of Ithuriel Sean. Do you want to see it?”

“If I see it , I might have the urge to punch him in the face.”

“He looks like Ana bro. Those same big green eyes.” Callie says.

Sean groans. “Ok , ok!I get it! I get it already.”

He and the boys hear groaning from upstairs. It was coming from Ana’s room.

“Ow...my head…”

Sean gets up and heads to Ana’s room , seeing her sitting up , holding her head.

“Hey , Ana.” He went to her bed with a small smile on his face.

“Hi.” She replies , not looking up.

“How are you feeling?”

“I’m alright , I guess…”

There was a awkward silence for a few minutes until Sean opened up his mouth and spoke.

“Ana , do you hate me?”

“What kind of question is that? Why would I hate you?”

“Ana , I couldn’t even protect Mr. J-”

He felt her small hand on his hand , squeezing it.

“It's not your fault. Stop blaming yourself.”

Sean frowned and holds Ana’s hand.

“I need to show you something. Please don’t freak out.”

“Uh , okay.” He looks at her , already knowing what’s going to happen.

In a instant , pure white wings that were about 10 feet long appear from her back , flapping.

In Sean’s mind , all he could think was ‘HOLY FUCK!’ He just stared at Ana and her wings , his jaw dropping.


“It’s time to summon Ithuriel. For him to tell her.” Kathleen said to the boys and Callie.

“....How in the hell are we supposed to do that? We’re humans , not Warlocks.” Robert said , raising his eyebrow.

“Could we just do a ritual or something?” asked Cameron.

“Let me handle it.”

“Ithuriel. Son of the Hindu prophet and grandson of the rulers of the mystic realm. It is time to meet your daughter. Anastasia Bridget Annabelle. Come forth!”

All of a sudden , a beam of light appears out of nowhere , scaring the boys. As the light disappeared , a man with long white hair with big green eyes wearing Mystical armor stood there standing , a ancient looking sword on his hip.

Robert looked at the man in awe , thinking that he looked like a character from World of Warcraft. Miguel was trying his best not to piss himself , holding on to the couch for dear life and Cameron started speaking in rapid spanish.

“Um. Hi.”

The three boys just yelled and hid in the corner.

“Calm down you idiots.” Callie said to them.

“That’s Ana’s dad. Her real dad.”

“Hello Ithuriel. I’m Ana’s aunt .” Kathleen said , looking at the majestic man.

“Ah. Jack and Carrie told me about you. A dancer and someone who can kick someone’s...ass.”

Kathleen chuckles and hands him Ana’s locket. “She’s upstairs , the room on the left. Betty’s second son, Sean is with her.”

“Okay.” Ithuriel heads up the stairs , the three boys still looking scared.

“Cameron. Calm down , you giant cat.” Callie said looking at him , putting her hands on her hips.


At an unknown place…

The guards were on break duty , sitting in the mess hall and chatting with the other soldiers. Unknown to them , in a heavy locked cell , a seal was being cracked opened.

“And so , my wife told me the Empress is like a mother to everybody. Just don’t piss her off though or talk bad about the Emperor. She’ll turn from sweet mom to the devil real quick.”

“Oh come on , man. She can’t be that b-”


A loud explosion was heard , causing the wall building to shake.

“What in the gods names!?”

“The hell was that!?”


At the cell from before , a demonic looking man with black demonic armor on with a red ripped cape was standing , looking at his hands. His long , dark hair covering his eyes.

“....Hehe....hehe....AHAHAHA! I AM FINALLY FREE!”

The man looked over to the locked door and shatters it in one punch. He cracks his neck and groans. “10 thousand years you bastards kept me locked in that seal…”

He sees groups of soldiers appearing , spears and swords in hand.

“Oh shit…”

“No way…”

“I-it can’t be!”

“T....the demon king... Maō!”

Maō gave a dark chuckle and made a sword straight out of dark energy. He dragged the sword on the floor , creating sparks. His unnoticeable eyes started to glow red , the soldiers starting to back up in fear , but it was too late.


Hell has already broke loose


Gaea , Tengoku Castle , Hall Room

A Japanese looking man opening his eyes and stood up.

“Hmm? Tenryū? What’s wrong , my love?”

The man said nothing and balled his hand into a fist. ‘He’s back…’


“Someone call Sean’s grandfather. Both of them. It’s time they know it’s time to train Ana.” Kathleen said , holding her phone.

“Uh. I know Mr. William but who’s the other one?” Cameron said , tilting his head.

“You’ll find out.”

They hear a knock on the door.”I’ll get it.”

Kathleen opens the door. “Hello William. Hello Takeshi. It’s good to see you.”

William Augustus smiles looking at his oldest daughter’s friend. “You too Kathleen. May we come in?”

“Of course William. Sean’s upstairs with Ana. But Callie is trying to keep the boys from fainting. They just learned Ana’s..extensive heritage.” Kathleen replied.

“Ah. I see.” Takeshi Hongo , the first Kamen Rider in history , says nodding his head.

“I’M A WHAT NOW!?” Is heard from upstairs. “JACK ISN’T MY FATHER!?”

“Anastasia , calm down.” Ithuriel says to her calmly

Sean was just sitting there , looking at the two of them in shock. ’Man....the fuck is going on?’

“S-so you mean to tell me....my whole life.....everything...has been a lie?” In her head she’s freaking out. Her mind a jumbled mess now.

“No. But Jack was the one who raised you.”

“.....Why.....If you’re my real father....why weren’t you here all of these years?”

Ithuriel looked down to the ground , frowning.

“I was in charge of defending a castle in the Mystic Realm. I couldn’t do anything because of my lord’s orders.” He knelt down and cupped Ana’s cheek. “But. I’m here for you now. And I will never leave you , my daughter.”

“I-i need some air.” She runs downstairs and out the door.


Sean runs after Ana worried about her.

“Ana slow down!”

“Stay away from me! No one could love a freak!”

“You’re not a freak Ana, we all love you! Please come back inside. Let him finish explaining everything.”

Ana looks at Sean. “Ok.”

The two go back inside and Callie hugs her best friend tightly.

“You’re not a freak and stop thinking that. Ana you’ve kept me from slapping the boys silly. Don’t break down on us. You’re strong.” Callie says.

“I need you Ana. Jason can’t handle my craziness much longer. “ She tells her best friend with a chuckle making both smile.

Sean stood there , smiling at Ana. They both knew they loved each other.

“Sean , say something to her already!”

“Huh? Um , okay.” He looked at Ana’s big green eyes and blushed a little. “Ana....I-”

“I know. You too.”

Sean blushed red and covered his face with his hand , Callie looking at him with her eyebrow raised.

“You two are too lovey dovey.”

“Lil girl...I know you ain’t talkin’! I saw you looking at Cameron and blushing at him!”

Ithuriel clears his throat. “Ahem. My lord just informed me that a prisoner has escaped. I have to g-”

“Um....Guys!” Cameron yelled.

“Cameron , what is it?”

“We got a problem! AND IT IS NOT A CARDDROID!”

The three teens looked at each other and went outside. The sky was full of smoke and meteors were falling from the sky.

“What....the fuck…?”


“Oh my god…!”

Ithuriel’s eyes widen. ‘I knew this was going to happen but this soon....?’

“Miguel go get your little sister in your rider form. Then take her up to my room.” Kathleen said , getting her car keys.

“Just what the hell is going on!?” Miguel said as he sees Kathleen opening the door.


“The fuck is a Hellblazer?” Robert asked , putting on his Nexus Driver.

“A creature from the depths of hell.” They see Ana running out the door.


“Oh lord , where is she going!?” Cameron said , running out of the door.

“Oh you gotta be shitting me….Uh...does she have a morpher?” Sean said , looking at Ithuriel.

“I’ll take it to her. If you have powers , use them.” Ithuriel says.

“She has powers too. They just need to be awakened. She’s a light Elemental.”

“How does she awaken them?”

“When darkness collides.”

Sean raised his eyebrow. “Uh...well darkness has collides with us multiple times..soooo....”

“When it hits her.”

“She’ll need to learn how to fly and how to fight.”

“We’ll take care of her learning how to fight.” William says standing by Takeshi.

Ithuriel looked at the two men and nods.

Ithuriel spreads his wings and flies towards his daughter knowing he has a son out there and hands her the morpher. Which looks like a iphone without the home button.

“The code is your birthdate. The call is Gemstrike Morph. You can do this my sweet angel.” Ithuriel kisses her forehead.

Ana nods and turned around.

“I was always shy...always scared...always running away! But this time , I’m not running away anymore!”

She puts her gem into the morpher and types in the code 3-1-4. She hits the enter button and raises the morpher up.

“Gemstrike Morph!”

A bright red light engulfs her as she morphs into a red suit with a phoenix design on her helmet.

“Lady Of Light! RED RANGER!!”

“I may not know how to fight but I’ll do my best!”

On her back a sheathed sword with a red hilt glimmers in the light. Slowly she draws the sword causing Ithuriel’s eyes to widen.

“That’s Bridget’s claymore! By the gods!” Ithuriel exclaims.

“What....the fuck happened?” Sean looks at the girl he loves in awe.


“I wish Carrie could see her.”

“Carrie would be proud. So would Jack.”

Cameron sees monsters appearing nearby.

“Uh...Ana , Sean! We got a problem!” He points at the Hellblazers that are approaching.

“I’ll handle them.” Ana says before running with the sword in her hand.

“Alright. Be careful , Ana.” Sean says to her , putting on his Nexus Driver

“I will.”




Red cards swarm around Sean , turning into armor and attaches to his body , becoming Kamen Rider Gaia.

He reaches his hand out to his right and flicks his wrist. “Game...start!”

Ana grabs the Claymore from her back and rushes towards the hellblazers.

“Phoenix slash!”

Ana cuts through the hellblazers surprising herself with her agility.

“She is strong but something blocks her powers.” Ithuriel says drawing Cameron’s attention.

“What do you mean blocks her powers?”

“A inner darkness. She’s very strong. She just needs to unlock them. And I’ll teach her how to fly, wings can be a asset in battle.”


Ana starts to feel a surge of power watching sean fight.’what’s this power in me?’ “SEAN WATCH OUT!” Ana says . “PHOENIX LIGHT STAB!” A red light shoots from her sword hitting the hellblazer before it can hurt Sean.

“HOLY SHIT!” Cameron says his eyes wide.

“OH F-” Gaia ducks down , getting out of the way.

“She has unlocked them. She’s strong.” ‘Like grandmother.’

Ana, Sean, And Robert battle the hellblazers , striking them down one by one.

“Oi , Ana. You know how to use a finisher , right?”

“Uh this is my first time.”

“Ah crap...Just try saying something!”

“U-um. Okay….” Ana gripped her claymore tightly , red energy appearing from the blade as more Hellblazers approach her.

“Holy Burst!!” Ana sends a wave of pure red energy directly at the Hellblazers , killing every single one of them.

“I-i did it! Sean , I did it!”

Sean takes off his Nexus Driver and dehenshins , smiling at her.

“You did good , Ana.”

Ana ran up to him and hugged tightly. “Thank you , Sean.”

Sean blushed a little and hugged her back.

Robert had already dehenshined and was standing beside Miguel , Cameron , and Callie.

“The two of them need to stop being shy and just ask each other out already.” Robert said , scratching his chin

“Yeah…” said Miguel. “Oh crap! I forgot about my sister!”

“Man. Bro’s a Kamen Rider and now Ana’s a Ranger.”

“Don’t you have to go get reika from school Cameron?”

“My mom called. She got her.”

“Oh.” Callie looked at Cameron , her big brown eyes looking into his. ‘I wish I could be like Ana , too...both with strength…’

She turned around and headed back into Ana’s house , glancing at Cameron on more time.

‘And with love…’



At an castle near the pits of the Underworld….

Mao was walking towards an eerie black throne , chuckling.

“Hehehe….So the leader is here….”

He sat on his throne , seeing 4 shadows appearing.

Mao gave a devilish grin and said “The war...has begun again…. And this time , THE MYSTIC REALM AND EARTH SHALL CRUMBLE BENEATH MY HEEL! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!”



“Cameron...do you like me?”


“Uh , who the hell are they?”


“Big bro , Ana...this time , I’ll protect you! Gemstrike Morph!”


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