Power Rangers Gemstrike

Chapter 3, The White Lynx Awakens

After the battle everyone heads inside to process what just happened.

“So I’m a red ranger and leader of gemstrike.” Ana asks Ithuriel.

“Yes. That is correct.”

“So who’s my second in command?”

“I don’t know. But it is someone with the White Mystic Diamond. You have the Red Mystic Ruby.” Ithuriel says as he points to the Mystic Ruby in her hand.

“But why me..? I’m nothing special. You weren’t there when mom and dad died. You weren’t there when I lost my childhood home! YOU WEREN’T THERE WHEN THE BULLIES ALMOST KILLED ME! I’m nothing!”

Ithuriel sighs. He knows the real reason why he wasn’t there for her all of these years. Why he couldn’t protect Ana’s mother and father. Why he couldn’t protect her.

“Do you really want to know the truth?”

“Yes! I want to know something that’ll make me feel wanted!”

Ithuriel makes a portal of light with a single movement of his hand and looks at her. “Come with me.”

Ana looks at Ithuriel and follows him towards the portal silently.


Kingdom of Gaea , Tenryujin Castle

A man with long black hair in a white and gold japanese kimono was reading his book until he felt something on his face.

“What is it , Durga?” Said the man , not looking up.

“Our grandson has returned. With his daughter.” Durga said looking at her husband.

The man looks up , seeing Ithuriel , kneeling down with his red-headed daughter.

“My Lord. I have returned.” Ithuriel says , showing respect to the elder. The man sighed and closed his book. “Ithuriel. I’m your grandfather. You don’t need to keep using the formalities all the time.”

“Forgive me , grandfather.”

Ana looked at the long haired man and the purple haired woman.

“Um...who are you guys?”

Ithuriel turned to her and smiled slightly.

“Ana. These two are your great-grandparents. The man is Tenryuu Tengoku , the emperor of Gaea. And the purple haired woman is Durga Tengoku , the empress.”

Durga gave Ana a motherly smile and walked up to her,

“Oh my. You certainly look like your mother. But you have your father’s eyes.”

“Thank you.”

“Your welcome. Anastasia.”

“Now is anyone hungry? I have dumplings ready to cook. “ The empress chirped happily.

“I am a little hungry grandmother.” Ithuriel says.

“Well sit down and explain everything to your beautiful daughter. I’ll be in the kitchen if anyone needs me.”

As Durga goes into the kitchen Ana Ithuriel and Tenryu sit down.

“Can someone tell me what’s going on?” Ana says looking confused.

“You have imperial blood in you. But I’ll explain that later. Right now , you are in the Mystic Realm. The Realm of the Gods.”

“Why am I here? I’m nothing special.”

“You ARE special.” Tenryu said looking at her. “If you weren’t , you wouldn’t have wings , you wouldn’t have that gem or be a ranger and you wouldn’t have people who love you.”

“Grandfather. After Jack and Carrie passed the bullying got worse. She is self-harming herself.”

Tenryu looks at Ana , who seemed to have shrink in fear due to his glance.


“After mom died...the bullying got worse...it ended up being like in junior high...getting threatened and beat up.” Shaking due to the memories.

“Ana…” Ithuriel looked at her in sadness

“Dumplings are ready!” Durga yells from the kitchen.

“We’ll be in there in a minute dear.”

“Ana , you’ve unlocked the beginning of your powers. You can heal wounds when you unlock the next stage. Now , come. Durga’s dumplings are something you need to try. Are you allergic to anything?”

“Just peanuts.”

The three go into the kitchen and sit at the table.

“Ana , sweetie , after we eat I have something to show you.”


At the table , there were 5 people who looked similar to Durga and Tenryu.

“Meet your great aunts and uncles and your grandmother.”

Ana looked at the 5 people and waved awkwardly.


“Hello my granddaughter.” A dark haired woman says standing up.

“My you do look like Carrie. But your eyes and wings are like your father.”

“Uh thank you?”

“Your welcome my dear. I am your grandmother Indra. It’s great to finally meet you.”

“I’ve never had a grandma. Sean’s grandparents treat me as their own.”

“These are my brothers and sisters. Asura, Cassandra, Analissa, and Liu Ang.”

“Let’s eat everyone.” Durga chirps with a smile.

Everyone sits down and takes a few dumplings. They begin eating the dumplings. “These are delicious thank you. Great grandma may I make a suggestion on spices for your next batch. Why not try a pinch of black pepper on the creamed potato inside?” Ana says. “Why that is a wonderful idea. Thank you sweetheart.” Durga says.

“Your welcome. Now what do you need to show me?”

“Nossan wants to know how you are doing.” Analissa says.

“Tell him I don’t know.”

Ana and Durga go to the garden outside and sit on a bench.

“I never really knew my mother. She died when I was young. But daddy passed recently. I threw myself into my training worrying my husband and children. Recently I overdid it. Severely. I was soaking the sheets in sweat and taking ice baths and on bed rest. My body shut down. Cassandra my youngest had to take me to her realm for me to get better. I only just woke two days ago. I miss my father very much. I know he’d want me to live. Your mother wants you to live. Now go home and think of what we’ve talked about.” Durga says looking around her garden.

Durga makes a portal and Ana walks through it in time to see Miguel in a chokehold being held by Callie. “Oh my.” Durga says before closing the portal.

“Miguel what did you do?”

“I told her she could never be as tough as Mr. William.”

“In that case you’re on your own.”

“Oh come on!”

“When Sean gets back I have something to tell everyone.” Callie says deciding to tell everyone now.



“YOUR GONNA WHAT!?” Sean says looking at his sister like she’s insane.

“I’m gonna join the marines.” Callie says looking her brother in the eye.

“Callie are you sure?” Ana asks.

“I’m sure.”

“Alright. I won’t stop you.”


Sean was silent , looking at his younger sister. “....”

‘Something’s getting ready to unlock in her. But what?’

Cameron looks at Callie his crush growing for her.

“Ana let’s go ahead and clean up your wrists.” Kathleen says breaking the silence.

“Ok.” Ana says unraveling the bandages around her wrists.

Kathleen takes a cotton ball and soaks it in rubbing alcohol and then gently cleans up Ana’s wrists.

“Um , Callie?” Cameron says , about to head towards.

“What , dumbass?”

Cameron sighed and looked away. “It’s nothing.”

“Tell me.”

“Um...Do you like me?”

“In a weird way yeah. Can’t figure it out.”

Cameron says nothing , his face turns red as Ana’s hair and steam coming out of his ears

“Uh you ok?”

“S-s-s-s-she...l-l-likes me…..” He faints , hearts in his eyes.


“Uh….you told him you like him?” Sean said , looking at her.

“Yeah why?”

“That’s why he’s like this. He LOVES you.”

“.....oh.” She blushes and looks at Cameron who was still unconscious.

“....So who gets to wake him up?”


“You do it. I have to train.”


“Bye!” He leaves.

Callie groans and holds her head. “I’m going to get him when he gets back…”

She grabs a frying pan and spoon and whacks the pan hard.

“Come on , you huge lion! Wake up!” She hits the pan.

“You may have to kiss him.” Ana says looking exhausted.

“Ana go lay down.”

“I will once Cameron is awake. And besides , I ain’t kissing this man-child.”

“Sigh fine.” Ana gets up from the couch and heads upstairs , yawning.

As Ana left , Callie looked at Cameron and blushed.

‘He looks so cute.....maybe one kiss wouldn’t hurt....’

She went to Cameron’s side and cupped his cheek. “Okay...You can do this , Callie. Just one simple kiss. Just one kiss…”

She leaned in close to his face and kissed him , her plump , soft lips on his.

Cameron’s eyes shoot open and sees that his crush was kissing him!

Callie blushed and squeaked , getting up and covers her mouth.

She runs off heading downstairs to the punching bag.

In her gym bag something glows white.

“Huh? What’s this?” She opens her gym bag and sees a white gem with a lynx inscribed in it. “It’s a gem like Ana’s...but its different.”

A white flash goes off behind her eyes. “Huh”?

“What the…?”

On a shelf next to her boxing gloves , she sees a device similar to a Iphone.

‘Huh. It’s like Ana’s. Does this mean I’m second in command?’

“I’ll ask Sean later.”


“Sean?” Callie says calling her older brother.


“Can you come to the training room at Ana’s? I need to show you something.”

“Alright I’ll be there in fifteen.”

“Ok.” She says hanging up.

Fifteen minutes later she sees her brother pull in on his bike.

“What do you need to show me.”

“What the hell is this?” She says showing Sean the diamond and morpher.

Sean raises his eyebrow and looks at the diamond. “It looks similar to what Ana has.”

“The fuck!?”


“Whoa...uh I better go talk to uncle Tommy.”

“Callie , go check on Ana please.” Kathleen says.


Callie goes upstairs to Ana’s room and sees Ithuriel sitting beside her.

“So I see you have the mystic diamond. Callie.”

“Yeah. Look she’s my best friend. She’s had a rough time. Makato and I tried to keep her away from the bullies. But they kept finding her.”

“I see. Thank you for trying to protect her. It’s because she’s pure light.”

“She’s strong but she just doesn’t know it.”


“One day she’ll realize she’s strong.”

“Can I ask you something?” He looks at Callie.


“What do you wanna fight for? I know it’s not just to protect Anastasia.”

“...I want to fight for what’s right. I want to protect people. That's why I’m joining the marines. To protect the people I care about.”

“Hmm. Very good.”


“That’s why the gem chose you.”

“And the Yoshida boy?”

“I....Like him..i think..”

“A monster will be coming soon.”

“Just let me know when she wakes up so I can tell Sean.”

“I will.”


“Protect her the best you can. Callie.”

“I will.”

Ithuriel smiles then looks at his daughter.

“She has a twin brother. I feel he’ll be crimson.”

“SAY WHAT NOW!?” Callie looks at Ithuriel in shock.

“Shh. He’ll come soon. I only wish Carrie was here to see him.”

“Yeah…” She says trying to wrap her head around the fact her best friend has a twin brother.

“Anyway. I see how Ana and Sean look at each other but she isn’t pure. Why is that?”

“...She had only one boyfriend. Rider Stark and he ended up cheating on her with the school slut.”


After a couple hours sleep Ana wakes up to her gem glowing.

“Ana. Ana wake up.”

“Hmm..?” She says sleepily.

“Get up. Your gem is glowing.” Ithuriel says , holding her gem up to her.

“What does it mean when it glows?” She asks , sitting up.

“Monster. Either Hellblazers or a Demonoid level 1.”


“You need to get up sweetie and there’ll be a surprise waiting for you in battle.”

“Ok , I’ll get up.”

Ana gets up , stumbling a bit and groans. “Where’s everyone else at?”

“I have no clue , dear.”

“Oh. Ok.”

Ana goes downstairs and sees Sean looking like he’s done something horrible. “Sean?”

“......” He said nothing.

“Sean , what’s wrong?”

“......I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Please tell me. I don’t like seeing you upset.”


“Sean.” She holds his hand. “What’s wrong?”





“I....I killed someone…!” Sean cupped his face , starting to cry.

Ana held him close to him and hugged

him tightly.


He holds her tightly and cries on her. “I need to know what exactly happened. Do you think you can tell me?”

“I....I can barely remember anything....”

“We’ll talk later but there’s a monster in the city and I’m too nervous to go by myself.”

“But, I’m a monster…”

“No you’re not and stop thinking that.”

Ana cups his cheek and smiles at him.

“Come help me fight. Please.”


Ana puts in the gem and presses the code. “314”


Light surrounds Ana as her suit travels up her body her hair getting braided and stuffed into the helmet. Her visor flashes red. “Lady of Light! Red Warrior!”

Sean looks at her and hesitantly henshins into Kamen Rider Gaia and follows Ana outside to the battle.

“You’re not a monster. Remember that.”

Sean nods still nervous and scared.

Ana draws her sword, A Irish Claymore with a crest on the hilt.

Gripping it with two hands she charges into battle. She slashes through the hellblazers with ease as Sean watches her back.

The main monster , a three horned demon , appears with a dark laugh.

“Soon I’ll take the Mystic Ruby to my king.” The monster says.

“Not if I can stop you!” Ana says gripping her claymore tightly.

The monster laughs and draws it’s weapon.

“Come at me , Red Ranger!”

“You go first.”

The monster growls then charges at Ana ,

It swings its weapon , the blade clashing with Ana’s claymore.

The monster growls at Ana. He swings at her again and the monster hits Ana in her stomach , sending her staggering back. She sees the monster’s blade heading towards her head and she rolls out of the way. The monster shoots a fireball to her , but she cuts it with her claymore , panting.

“Hmph. Is that all you got? I thought the Red one was supposed to be strong?”

“Tch. Haaaa!” Ana runs towards the monster and jumps up , her wings coming out of her back as she zooms past the monster , slashing it back and forth.The monster growls and grabs Ana’s leg and throws her to the ground. The monster chuckles and raised its blade up. “One down , 11 more to go!” The monster swinged its blade , Ana turning her head , closing her eyes within her helmet. At the moment…


A white flash appeared and kicked the monster. It was Callie , holding her Mystic Diamond.

“No one touches my best friend!”

“Callie!? What are you doing here?” Ana said as she gets up. Then , she noticed the diamond in her friend’s hand. “No way....If you have that , that means you’re-”

“Mhm.” Callie smiled at her , holding up her Mystic Gem Morpher. She sees the Hellblazers and the monster growling , getting ready to attack. “Big bro , Ana...this time , I’ll protect you!” She inserts the gem into the morpher. Typing in her birthdate “4-19” “GEMSTRIKE MORPH”

Lightning crackles in the sky then strikes Callie forming her suit. A lynx roars in the background as lightning strikes her again forming her helmet. She takes a deep breath and roars , making the Hellblazers step back. “Guardian of Lightning! White Warrior!”

Sean looks at his younger sister with wide eyes. “She’s a power ranger!?” Cameron yells from in the house.

“Ohhhh.....hell’s gonna break loose.” Sean says , tilting his head.

“Watch out when she’s mad. She’s stronger then.”

“.....You know what , I’m gonna stand my black ass over here so I won’t get killed.”

“Yeah me too.” Ana says going over to him.

In a flash of lightning , the Hellblazers were sent into the air with lightning-made javelins impaled into them

“No one touches my family.” Callie says.

She draws a javelin and throws it at the monster , sending it flying back . Her visor flashes white as she runs towards it , jumps in the air and makes another javelin out of lightning.

“SEE YA SUCKER! LIGHTNING LYNX FINAL ATTACK!” She stabs through the monster and poses as it explodes.

“....I’m never pissing her off again.” Robert says.

Miguel looks at Callie with his mouth wide open “.....Yeah....Remind me not to make fun of her tits again....”


Cameron looked at her in awe as he sees her demorph.

“So? What did you think , Cam?”


“Speak up.”

“You looked a-amazing.”


They walk inside , wondering who the blue ranger will be.


“Hehehe….So the second in command has been revealed. This will be interesting.” Mao says with a dark chuckle.

Out of the shadows , a woman in dark crimson clothing with long black hair appears along with a bulky man with blue armor , carrying a long sword.

“You called?” the woman says.

“Ah , Yura , Taison.”

“Yes m’lord?” The giant man said , looking at his lord.

“Get the demons ready. It’s time for me to make little....visit.”

“To where?” Yura said , raising her eyebrow.

“Earth.” He grins devilishly.



“So , you and Cameron are dating now?”


“Oh lord.


“Bro...what happened to you?”

“I am only just a monster…”


“Am I...really capable of doing this…?”


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