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I haven't come up with a good teaser/summary of the story yet... All I can say is that I hope you will give my story a chance... Please read at least three chapters before you judge it.

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Chapter 1

Chapter One: Family

Alex’s POV

I push the bike to go faster as I feel the need to get to my destination as quick as possible, something isn’t right. The smoke in the sky is like a large beacon with a glowing sign that shouts “DANGER UP AHEAD”.

I lean to different directions as I swerve around abandoned cars, going almost 140 kph. I stop every so often to kill the random walker that is travelling on it’s own, the more walkers I kill now, the less I have to deal with later.

I stop and take a small water break, I am on my last bottle and only have a couple sips left, I ran out of food a few days back. My body is weak but I keep pushing myself forward, I need to know if they are okay, alive.

The human body is supposed to be able to go thirty days without food anyways. I sigh as i realise I am getting close and won’t have to worry about starving to death or dying of dehydration anytime soon.

I take a look around and smile at the beautiful landscape and scenery even after the world has gone to shit. Nothing has really changed. I have been focusing on the road so much I didn’t realise how far I have made it.

I hop on my motorcycle and continue riding and pushing myself forward for about fifteen more minutes until I see something in the distance. Better yet, a group of people.

I can’t tell if they are dead or not so I slow down and pull up slowly to it. A huge grin is plastered on my face and a sigh of relief escapes my lips as I spot the only family I have left.

My childhood friends Maggie and Beth along with their father Hershel all hug me. “Holy shit, I was so worried, I thought you were all dead, I could see and smell the smoke from a few miles away.” I explain to them, disregarding all the rest of the people around us.

“Watch your language!” Hershel scolds me. “Sorry” I mutter, not sorry at all but I still say it for his benefit, that’s when I hear someone clearing their throat behind me.

I scowl as I fix my leather jacket and spin around. “I am trying to have a moment with my family here if you don’t mind, you will have your turn after.” I snap at him.

Maggie places a hand on my shoulder as Beth giggles. “Alexia, relax, we are a group, That’s Rick and he just happens to be the leader.”

“Maggie, we have been over this before, my name is Alex.” I groan. Maggie smirks and replies “I know, I just like to get on your nerves.” I roll my eyes.

“So, I guess you all know my name, now it is time for me to know all of yours.” I state as I cross my arms. “Naw, we don’t know if we can trust you yet.” This so called ’Rick’replies.

I just nod “Yeah, I see how it is, if I were you, I wouldn’t trust me either.” “Alex, you are digging yourself a deeper grave.” Beth says as she smacks me upside the head.“I am just speaking the truth.” I shrug my shoulders.

“So, how do I get into your little gang? Sing Kumbaya?” I jokingly asks but obviously Rick doesn’t have a sense of humor. “No, you just need to answer a few questions.” I nod for him to go on.

“How many walkers have you killed?” He starts off. “Not sure, I don’t keep count, for sure more than five dozen so far.” I respond monotone. He becomes curious but I don’t elaborate anymore on the subject.

“Okay, how many people have you killed?” He asks. I pretend to start counting on my fingers and everyone stares at me with wide eyes. I start laughing “I am joking. I have only killed one person.”

Rick furrows his eyebrows at this response “why?“. I bite my lip, not wanting to speak but I know I need to in order to join them. Everytime I have thought about it, up intil now I have relived the memory. I pinch myself to stop myself from going back there and I start my short story.

“It was the first day of the outbreak and my mom, she was sick, she had the fever. Being a good daughter of course I left my college classes just to take care of her. I made her soup, put a cold cloth on her forehead, all that shit. I-I thought she would be fine for the night, but I was wrong, while I was asleep she must have died. She turned and attacked my little brother, biting him, he was only seven at the time, I knew what this meant, I read the books, the comics, I watched the movies, I knew my mother wasn’t coming back but I forgot a very important part, how to kill them. I kept stabbimg her over and over again, it must have been at least ten times before I finally stabbed her in the head. My uncle, he was on the police force and had stayed over to help me with my mom but he was out looking for supplies and he of course had a gun and taught me how to shoot. I used it on my brother, ending his suffering, I couldn’t stand to watch him turn so I ended it.” I finished off the story with no emotion.

“So now that you know those answers, am I allowed into your little boy band now?” I ask Rick. All the people in the group are looking at me with pity and i hate it. I can’t stand pity but I don’t say anything about it. Rick glances to a Korean guy that is now standing with Maggie, the Korean guy nods.

Rick turns to Hershel and he nods, then he turns to some guy in the back that seems to be lurking in the shadows, carrying a crossbow. I have to admit, he is hot as hell but I can’t think like that at the moment. He thinks for a minute then nods at Rick. “You are one of us now.” Rick states.

For the next hour I am introduced to everyone and I am caught up on what happened the night before at Hershel’s farm. Everybody seems nice, I haven’t talked to Daryl yet but he doesn’t seem like the conversation type so I leave him out.

I noticed that Daryl is a good shot with his crossbow, and that he also drives a motorcycle which I can’t help but smile at, wanting to call us twins so badly. Right before Rick says we have to leave, Maggie and beth share some food and water with me and I make my way over to the side mirror of a random car.

I brush my reddish-brown almost burgundy colored hair with my fingers and can’t help but smile as I look into my green eyes, it is a rare combination and I love it. With a sigh, I hop back on my bike and we leave the highway, going to find a place to stay for the night.

As I drove, following the others, I was able to have time to think to myself. This group is going to survive, they are a family and I am now a part of it, we will fight through this together.


Hey I am Rachelle, the author, I hope you like the story and how it started.

February 27, 2019
1293 Words

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