In Which

The Doctor Goes Camping

Alright, alright. I'll try to stop with the author notes, because I know they're a bit weird. Basically, this chapter is full of stupid inside jokes, most of which I only have with myself, and was made for mostly my benefit. Maybe, I'll explain them someday, maybe not, who knows. But, for now, enjoy <3

In Which…

The Doctor Goes Camping

The Doctor struggled to keep a hold of the steering mechanism of the Tardis, unsuccessfully attempting to propel it towards the safety of a planet. Machinery crashed, wires sparked, fire erupted from the malfunctioning controls. He was crashing.

"…And that is exactly why the Tardis is like Narnia," said the triumphant voice of Katrina Lycanthrope as she, her fellow girl scout, Debbie Marks, and their troop leader, Lila Mai, tramped through the Francis Marion camping grounds, sleeping bags in hand.

"I think it's more like several items in the Harry Potter verse, you know? Like Hermione's bag and Moody's trunk," Debbie replied and Katrina snorted.

"I have to agree with you there… it doesn't help that David Tennant plays both Ten and my beloved Barty. I can't possibly help sympathize with the Deatheaters if Tennant was one of them," she said with a grin.

"Kat!" Debbie called in feigned surprise. Debbie had brown hair that fell to her mid-back, a thin body and face. Her skin was lightly tanned and her brown eyes sparkled in amusement. She was dressed in a pair of old jeans, a white long sleeved t-shirt, and old brown hiking boots.

"What! I can't help it…we all know he's sexy," Katrina said cockily, pushing her sunglasses back up the bridge of her nose. She was dressed in a pair of blue jeans, a green turtleneck, old gray converse high-tops, and a brown fleece jacket.

"Yeah, he's the best Doctor, isn't he?" Mrs. Mai said, looking back with a grin on her face as well. She had strait mercury hair that was cropped shorter then Katrina's, and was dressed in jeans, a girl scouting t-shirt, and old Nikes.

"You know what would be really great to write about?" Katrina asked, pausing for a moment to adjust the bag that was slung over her shoulder. "A story about the Doctor crashing here while we were doing archery tomorrow. That would be so weird. It would have to be the tenth one, though."

"Obviously. Is there any other way to go about it?" Debbie asked and Katrina grinned. Suddenly, there was a shuddering 'VWOOSH VWORP BANG!' making Katrina's grin falter and die.

"What was that?" Mrs. Mai asked with a frown. Katrina looked around, straying slightly off the path.

"Kat, where are you going?" Debbie asked and Katrina held up a hand, index finger raised.

"Hush…I think I know what's going on…" she said, eyebrows furrowing. "I thought I heard the Tardis…" Debbie laughed.

"But, Kat… the Tardis isn't real. We all know that Doctor Who is just a TV show," she said and Katrina shook her head, hand still raised, staring blatantly in the direction of their campsite. After a moment, she shook her head roughly, blinking several times.

"Right, sorry. I was just…never mind. The voices were being loud again. Let's keep walking," she said, putting her hand down and walking towards the campsite once again.

The Doctor threw the door of the Tardis open and staggered outside, coughing violently. Smoke spewed from the open door and into the cool clear air of wherever the Doctor was now. He looked around, waving smoke out of his face, and spied seven cabins placed in a circle around an open field. There was a pole sticking out of the ground and a smaller circle of benches around a circle of bricks that looked like it could host a fire. He was in the middle of a forest campground.

"I mean, the eleventh one shouldn't even count! The series ended for good with the tenth Doctor!" said a familiar voice and the Doctor flinched. Oh no…

"Yeah, Kat, we all know ten is the best one," said a voice that the Doctor didn't recognize as three people came up one of the pathways that lead to the campground. One of them was Katrina Lycanthrope. The Doctor quickly ran and hid inside one of the cabins, ducking so the three women couldn't see him.

"Wait, ah-tah-tah! Y'all, look…it's the Tardis!" Katrina said, pointing at the smoking Tardis. The Doctor held his breath.

"And where there's a Tardis, there's a Doctor," continued the brunette who was speaking before. The adult of the group grabbed the backs of the teenagers' shirts, pulling them backwards.

"Wait a minute, ladies. We don't know if it's the Doctor… it could be the Master," she said and Katrina shrugged.

"I doubt it. I saw that one before coming here and the Master could only travel between the year one million and England in two thousand and one, so it could only be the Doctor… my guess is it's either ten or eleven…I doubt it's nine, otherwise he'd be talking to us right now and not hiding in that cabin over there," Katrina explained calmly, motioning to the counselor's cabin. The Doctor swore quietly, standing up and exiting the cabin. "See? It's Ten. Hello, Doctor."

"Hello, Katrina," the Doctor said through gritted teeth. He hadn't quite forgiven the teenager for the stunt she had pulled with the, shudder, white kitten.

"That that's the Doctor?" asked the other teenager and Katrina nodded.

"Yup. Debbie, Mrs. Mai, this is the Doctor. Doctor, this is Debbie Marks and Lila Mai, my Girl Scout troop. Our other member, Emma Farris couldn't make it because of some poetry thing she had to do so, her loss," Katrina said in introduction and the Doctor walked out of the cabin.

"Oh my God," the one named Debbie gaped and Lila Mai blinked several times before grinning at the Doctor.

"It's very nice to meet you, Doctor. Are you going to be joining us while we camp?" Mrs. Mai asked and the Doctor blinked.


"We're camping, Doctor. You crashed here on the day we were supposed to be camping, so you might as well stay. However, there is another troop camping here too…my sister among them, irritatingly enough," Katrina said, murmuring the last part and the Doctor blinked again.

"What?" he asked, eyebrows furrowing.

"Awe, how cute! He's doing that thing he does when he's confused, Kat!" Debbie called, tugging at Katrina's sleeve.

"I know, right! Nawww…" Katrina said, grinning cheekily at the Doctor. The Doctor grimaced.

"You know you probably don't have a choice either way, Doctor. Your Tardis did break, after all…" Mrs. Mai said and the Doctor sighed.

"Fine…I'll stay until she's fixed…"

The two teenagers squealed in excitement, making the Doctor regret his decision.

After about an hour's peace and quiet, the two teenagers hunting for firewood and their leader setting up her cabin, the Doctor heard several loud children approaching the campgrounds.

"They were singing, bye bye Ms. American Pie," the girls screamed, rather off key and the Doctor winced.

"Oh dear Loki, they're here," Katrina mumbled as she walked past the Doctor carrying several large branches. She shook her head, grimacing at the disgusting key they were singing in. The doctor winced again as they hit a particularly irritating note.

"I'm guessing this is your sister's troop?" the Doctor asked, snagging Katrina's arm. She turned and nodded, sighing.

"Unfortunately… that one right there in the blue shirt is Natalie, my sister…" she said, motioning in the direction of the girl in the long sleeved blue t-shirt, dark jeans, and beaten tennis shoes. She looked vaguely like Katrina, but with a rounder face, darker hair, and gray eyes instead of green.

"Kat!" the girl now known as 'Natalie' shouted, skipping over to where Katrina and the Doctor stood and grinning hugely. Katrina sighed in irritation.

"What do you want, face? I'm busy gathering firewood. You people didn't get enough of it earlier," Katrina said shortly and the Doctor furrowed his eyebrows at the teenager's name for her sister.

"Oh…well, is that the Doctor?" Natalie asked in a voice that sounded fake-excited. Katrina nodded shortly, walking away.

The Doctor had to admit that he was enjoying himself, probably a little too much. One of the children had made him several things called s'mores and Katrina's little sister, Naomi, continuously burned the marshmallows she brought to Katrina every few minutes. Seemingly fed up with the vivacious chattering of the children, Katrina produced a packet of about twelve pieces of paper and moved to sit in front of the fire.

"Okay, kids… I promised you I'd read these for you, didn't I? Who wants to hear a story?" she asked with a smirk. The children all moved to sit in front of her, some of them chattering still, others trying to shut up the chattering ones.

"Please, Kat?" asked one of the little blonde ones and the Doctor smiled in amusement.

"Only if you all are quiet," Katrina said and, immediately, the children quieted down. "Right, so I'm not going to read the first chapter, because Mrs. Mai said it was inappropriate. So, here's chapter two… in which the Master laughs at himself. The Master was having a great day…"

The Doctor listened to all the stories, grimacing at the descriptions that Katrina gave of him and his companions once and a while. He even flinched at the part about when Katrina gave him the kitten.

It was nighttime and the Doctor sat on one of the camping beds in the nearly empty cabin nearest to the two teenagers. However, the teens were not inside their cabin. No, they were chanting and dancing around the campfire. And, in the Doctor's opinion, the song they were singing was extremely appropriate for them…

"And it's so easy when you're evil!" belted the laughing teens as they skipped around. "This is the life, you see, the Devil tips his hat to meee!"

Eventually, they stopped and the fire was extinguished. The Doctor, finally getting the peace and quiet he deserved, went to sleep. However, that didn't last for as long as he had hoped.

A piercing howl cut through the air and the Doctor's eyes widened in surprise. There were wild animals in the forest! The howls were followed by a quick succession of gunshots, making the Doctor jump in surprise. Over in the teenagers' cabin, the Doctor heard the two girls talking about how they were going to be eaten by wolves. At the sound of a hysterical cackle, Debbie squealed.

"Now I'm sure I'm going to die!" she said, causing the cackle to become slightly louder.

"Yes, we're going to be eaten by wolves! Ha ha ha ha haaaaa he he hehehehehehehaha!" Katrina giggled. They settled down again shortly afterward and the Doctor went back to sleep, smiling.

In the morning, the Doctor went back inside of his Tardis to find it working again. He decided to go for a test spin to make sure of it before he told the girls. Grinning, he flipped a few switches on the controls and the Tardis vwooshed away.

It materialized again and the Doctor opened the door.

Immediately, his ears were assaulted by several loud blasts of a whistle and he pulled out his sonic to defend himself.

"Doctor! You're back!" called the voice of Debbie Marks and the Doctor sighed. He wasn't free yet.

"Yes, I'm back," he sighed and Katrina Lycanthrope raised an eyebrow at him.

"Doctor, I love you and all, but you're on the archery range…I was about to shoot another butterfly!" Katrina said, motioning to the target in front of her where a yellow butterfly was skewered by an arrow. The Doctor's eyes widened.

"Oh dear," he said quietly, quickly stepping away from Katrina's target. "Well, I'm just here to say goodbye. It was nice camping with you," he said, waving a little.

"It was nice camping with you too," said Mrs. Mai. "Bye, Doctor!"

"Bye, love! I'll see you soon, I hope," Katrina said, waving. The Doctor got back into his Tardis after saying goodbyes to everyone and, with another vwoosh, set off to the leisure planet of Hawaii.

"…And then, he materialized on the archery range! Oh my Loki, Emma! I can't believe you missed it!" Katrina enthused and Emma Ferris groaned, wishing she hadn't gone to that poetry contest after all.
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