In Which

The Tardis Gets a Virus

In Which…

The Tardis Gets a Virus

The Doctor was beginning to get irritated. His Tardis, for some reason, wouldn't fly. It was beginning to really piss him off.

"Doctor?" asked Rose and the Doctor growled at her, running his hands through his nearly non-existent dark hair.

"What is it, Rose?" he asked in his heavily Northern accented voice. Rose swallowed.

"Doctor, I think I know what happened to the Tardis…" she said quietly and the Doctor looked up from the console.

"What happened to my Tardis?" he asked warily and Rose swallowed again.

"Well, you see, I was connecting to the wireless and I went on a website…" she trailed off and the Doctor frowned.


"And the website gave me a computer virus…well, a lot of computer viruses that may or may not have spread to the Tardis…" she said and the Doctor looked at her in disbelief.

"Rose, why would you do that! It takes months, months Rose, months to debug a Tardis!" he said waving around the screwdriver he was holding. Not the sonic one, just a regular one.

"Yes, Doctor…I'm sorry…" she said and the Doctor sighed.

"Just, just go away, Rose. Why don't you go play with Mickey or something for a few months while I figure this out?" the Doctor said, attempting to keep a hold of his temper, which was a difficult task to begin with. Rose nodded and slunk outside of the Tardis door.

"Stupid little ape…"

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