In Which

Rose Meets River

In Which…

Rose Meets River

Rose Tyler sat in her room inside the Tardis daydreaming about the Doctor. Her Doctor. Oh, how she longed to run her hands through his nearly non-existent black hair…

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of something beginning to materialize inside her room.

Sure enough, there it was… a woman with extremely curly hair and a rather stuck-up facial expression.

"Oh! Hello, sweetie," said the woman and Rose blinked a few times.

"Um…hello," she said in return. Rose figured it was better to be polite to the mysterious woman who had materialized inside of her room then to do something drastic… like throw something, for example.

"Would the Doctor be around anywhere?" the woman asked and Rose shrugged. She was sure her Doctor was somewhere, she just didn't know where. The woman frowned slightly. "Oh, well, he has to be somewhere… this is his Tardis, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is… uh, sorry, but who are you?" Rose asked, collecting her thoughts.

"Oh, sweetie, I'm River. River Song. I'm a, um, an associate of the Doctor's," the woman, River, said, smiling. Rose blinked again, frowning.

"But, the Doctor's never mentioned anyone named 'River Song' before," she said, reaching up and fidgeting with a strand of her long blonde hair. River's smile dropped.

"Who are you exactly?"

"I'm Rose Tyler. I'm the Doctor's companion," Rose said and River's eyes widened slightly.

"Oh. Oh, I see… I must have jumped too far back. Sorry to bother you, Rose. Maybe we'll see each other again some day," River suggested and Rose shrugged.

"Maybe we will," she said breathily, vaguely overwhelmed by the situation.

"Goodbye, Rose Tyler. Best of luck to you, sweetie," River said, twisting the device on her wrist and dematerializing. Rose blinked, shaking her head. That was odd…

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