In Which

The Master Finally Understands

I was inspired by the bowl of grits my daddy made for me today for breakfast, and then I remembered that line in "Here Come the Drums" where the Master offers to make the President of the USA some grits and then proceeds to ask what grits are. So, enjoy!

In Which…

The Master Finally Understands

"…and that, my beloved Master, is what grits are made of!" finished Katrina Lycanthrope, pulling a bowl of steaming hot grits out of the microwave and stirring in a little butter. The Master sat, in awe, at the kitchen table, mouth open.

"You mean-?" he started as Katrina set the bowl in front of him. She nodded, placing a spoon inside the grits.

"Yes, amazing isn't it?" she asked, sitting down in front of the Master. She gazed at him adoringly as he picked up a spoonful of grits.

"So, all along, all grits were is just ground up corn and water? I think I get it now!" he said, inspecting the spoonful critically before popping it into his mouth. Katrina grinned, reaching over and patting the top of the Master's head.

"Good job, sweetie."

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