In Which

River Gets Her Sonic Christmas special

In Which…

River Gets Her Sonic Screwdriver

The Doctor stood, smiling to himself, at the controls of his Tardis. He hummed a wistful tune to himself as he watched the screen for any sudden changes in course.

"Doctor, sweetie!" called River, breaking the Doctor's train of nonsensical thought. He jumped in surprise at her sudden appearance before turning to look at his girlfriend.

"Yes, dearest. What is it that you want?" he asked and River held out a neatly wrapped package, complete with a bow.

"It's Christmas, sweetie! You promised we'd exchange gifts today!" she reminded him and the Doctor blinked several times. Oh…Rassilon, he'd completely forgot…

"Oh, yes, of course," he said, taking the present from River with a small smile. For her present, he picked something off of the console and thrust it into her waiting hands.

"Doctor, are you sure?" River asked, apparently stunned by whatever the Doctor had just handed her. The Doctor, too mesmerized by his task of tearing the wrapping paper off of the Thing River had gotten him, nodded absently. River squealed. "Thank you, sweetie! I love my new sonic screwdriver!"

"Yes, of course, I got it just for- d-did you just say sonic screwdriver?" the Doctor asked, freezing. In River's hands was his red sonic screwdriver. He almost dropped the Thing.

"Yes, and I love it! Thank you!" she said, throwing her arms around the Doctor's thin chest. The Doctor swallowed, pulling the last of the paper off of his own…fruitcake.

"And, thank you, River, for my, erm, wonderful present," he said with as much enthusiasm as he could muster. River, ignoring his lack of real emotion, skipped off to, presumably, show the Ponds what she had received for Christmas. Once River was out of the room, the Doctor tossed his fruitcake haphazardly into a corner and banged his head against the wall. Worst. Christmas. Ever.

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