In Which

Amy and Rory Get a Cat

Alright, everyone. Let's give a warm welcome back to the white kitten, now with a name-Harold.

In Which…

Amy and Rory Get a Cat

"Rory, lookit what I just bought for us!" Amy Pond-Williams exclaimed, carefully maneuvering the large object she had brought so that she could enter her house. Rory turned around on the couch to see his wife holding a large cat-carrier.

"Amy, what?" he asked, confusion etching across his face.

"Well, you see, when we were having the adventure with the Doctor that involved the Pandorica, there was a kitten inside, and it was kinda cute, so I went out and bought one," she said while she worked on freeing her new pet from the confines of the cat-carrier. After a few moments, she lifted up the loudly meowing fluffy white kitten for her husband to see.

"What are you going to name it?" Rory asked, cautiously submitting to his wife's desire to have a cat.

"I'm thinking 'Harold'," she said, snuggling the white kitten to her chest and kissing the top of its head. Rory sighed. He would give Amy whatever she wanted, and if that was a white kitten named Harold, so be it.

A few days later, there was a knock on the door. Amy walked to answer it, 'Harold' encased in her arms.

"Who is it?" she called, rubbing the fluffy white fur on top of the kitten's head as she waited for a reply.

"Pond? Its me, the Doctor," called the familiar voice of the time traveling alien. Amy smiled brightly and threw open the door.

"Doctor! You're back!" she called and the Doctor grinned at her for a moment before his grin faltered and he went deathly pale.

"Pond, is-is that-?" he stuttered, eyes wide and focused on the ball of white fur encased in Amy's arms. She looked from the Doctor to 'Harold' and back to the Doctor.

"It's just Harold…oh. Oh, right, sorry Doctor. Um, right…" she said, putting the kitten down on the carpet for the first time since she'd gotten him. 'Harold', not liking the floor, turned pleading eyes to the Doctor, meowing pitifully. The Doctor shrieked girlishly, arms flailing, and darted quickly away from the Pond household. Amy stared after him with wide eyes, blinking down at 'Harold'. "I'll never understand him, will I?"

"Amy, who was at the door?" Rory called and Amy picked 'Harold' up again.

"Oh, it was nobody. They had the wrong house," she said, walking back to the living room to watch Star Trek with her husband. 'Harold', sensing his cover was still un-blown, looked over Amy's shoulder and winked.

'Soon,' 'Harold' thought, yawning. 'Soon…"

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