In Which

The Doctor Watches Fright Night

In Which…

The Doctor Watches Fright Night

The Doctor was beginning to worry. He had gone onto the website where Katrina Lycanthrope posted her stories, only to see that she hadn't updated on time. She always updated on time.

"Pond, Rory, I think something is wrong. Something is terribly, horribly wrong," the Doctor said, standing up from the desk and walking briskly to the Tardis console. Amy and Rory ran into the control room, Amy pulling on her slightly rumpled shirt and Rory zipping his fly.

"Doctor, what's wrong? What's going on?" Amy asked hysterically as the Doctor punched in the coordinates and flipped the lever, making the Tardis begin to fly through the time vortex.

"I believe an old friend of mine is in grave danger. Usually, she contacts weekly through an update on her online story, but she hasn't updated it yet today," the Doctor said, continuing to run about and push buttons. The Tardis materialized moments later and Amy looked over at the date displayed on the console display screen. It read January seventh, two thousand and twelve.

"Come on! We have to hurry! Who knows what dangerous activities she could be involved in!" the Doctor exclaimed, darting out the Tardis door.

The Doctor arrived at the Lycanthrope household and used his sonic to unlock the door, not even bothering to check if it was unlocked already, which it was, and threw it open. Irritatingly, he was confronted with a second door, which he also unlocked, before bursting into the room. As soon as he was inside, popcorn kernels bounced off his head. He blinked, looking in the direction the popcorn came from, and spotted Katrina Lycanthrope perched on the couch holding an empty bowl of popcorn kernels. She was dressed in a pair of short shorts and a gigantic black t-shirt, her hair extremely mused, and her facial expression wide eyed.

"Oh, shit! Doctor! What are you-oh shit! I have to post my chapter!" she exclaimed, pressing a button on her remote and chucking the bowl to the floor.

"Katrina, what's going on! I was getting worried and I come here to see what's wrong and I see you watching your telly! What are you watching anyway?" the Doctor inquired, watching as Katrina sprinted down the hallway. She returned after a moment, clutching her laptop tightly to her chest.

"It's that remake of that movie Fright Night with David Tennant," she said, clearly distracted, "you can watch it with me after I'm done with this." The Doctor nodded, sighing and sitting down on the couch. His eyes wandered over to the television and saw the image it was frozen on; a man kissing a blonde girl's neck.

"Katrina, what?" he asked, motioning to the screen. Katrina glanced up and grinned.

"He's not actually kissing her… he's drinking her blood," she replied as if it explained everything. The Doctor furrowed his eyebrows. "You'll understand later."

The Doctor didn't know whether to be confused, angry, or content. He didn't know if he liked the movie he'd just seen. However, he did know that he wanted to watch it again. Katrina was happy to oblige.
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