In Which

Katrina Brings Her Laptop to School

I'm sorry if you thought the last chapter sucked... I think this chapter isn't the best either... but, I wrote it during school when I realized I had nothing better to do. I realize that I am terribly mean to the poor Doctor in this chapter, and for that, I apologize. I really hate Doctor!Bashing, and I don't know why I chose to do it...

In Which…

Katrina Brings Her Laptop to School

Katrina Lycanthrope sat down in her Biology classroom on the last day of the semester and pulled out her laptop to entertain herself with various fanfics and episodes of Doctor Who. She opened up a word document and typed in the title of her current on-going fan fiction, In Which. She was about to start typing up her chapter for the week when the door to the classroom opened.

Now, this wasn't a very rare occurrence, seeing as though the door was meant to open, and people entered and exited the classroom often, so Katrina didn't even bother to look up from her pending chapter.

"Good morning, class!" called a British accented voice. Katrina's head snapped up and her eyes widened. It was the Doctor. The Doctor was in her Biology classroom. The Doctor. Oh, dear Loki.

The other four students who had decided to show up for first block looked up and gave various greetings, not particularly interested in the spiky haired, chocolate eyed, Time Lord. Katrina, on the other hand, realized that this was an opportunity she could not pass up.

"Professor, do I know you from somewhere?" she asked in an attempt to judge where along the Doctor Who timeline this Doctor was from. He furrowed his eyebrows and shook his head before pausing. The Doctor seemed to think for a moment before shaking his head again.

"No, I have never seen you before," the Doctor said confidently. Katrina shrugged.

"You just looked like someone I know," she said, highlighting a few words on her computer screen. The Doctor grinned and shrugged back.

"Well, I'm Doctor John Smith. I'm here as a substitute because your teacher won't be back for a few weeks," he explained and the corner of Katrina's mouth pulled into a slight half smile. The Doctor was substituting in her school. Wow.

"I'm Katrina. I only have this class for one more day, because the semester is set to end after fourth block, but it's nice to meet you, Doctor," she said calmly, only slightly hinting that she knew who he really was. The Doctor didn't pick up on anything, which kept Katrina from being noticed. She felt her heart drop at his lack of comment, but it was better that way. At least the Doctor didn't meet her officially until he met her on Halloween. Oh well, she could torment him anyway.

"I didn't realize this was a one day job," he said calmly, and Katrina shrugged.

"It isn't, but we'll only be here one more day before break," she said, pulling out her pocket watch and clicking it open. Getting a sudden idea, she shut the watch and lifted it into view of the Doctor. "You know, if only this fob watch would open…then, maybe we'd have the correct time…" she said, musing to herself aloud, just loud enough to attract the Doctor's attention.

"Beg your pardon?" he asked and Katrina shrugged.

"It's nothing, I just-my pocket watch has been stuck ever since I got it. I don't enjoy not having the correct time," she said stoically and the Doctor furrowed his eyebrows. The other students, one of which was Katrina's great friend, Chelsea, ignored the exchange completely in favor of reading a book, playing on their iPods, or staring blankly off into space, not that Katrina minded anyway. She was happy keeping her Doctor-taunting away from the ears of the students.

"Well, you have a fob watch. A fob watch that won't open. Um, okay…when did you get this watch?" he asked, moving closer to Katrina. Katrina quirked an eyebrow and shrugged. The Doctor was falling into her trap. Mwahahahahahah.

"I've had it for as long as I can remember… and I've never been able to open it," she said and the Doctor froze.

"Okay, right, Katrina. I need you to let me see your watch," he ordered calmly and Katrina nodded, unclipping the watch from her pocket and willing it to stay closed. She placed the silver watch in the Doctor's waiting hand. The Doctor tried to click it open and his eyes widened when it wouldn't budge.

"Sir, are you alright?" she asked and the Doctor's eyes moved to her, happiness and shock in his chocolate orbs.

"I'm fantastic," he said, eyes flooding with tears. "I'm not alone after all," he exclaimed, engulfing Katrina in a hug. Okay, this joke was going too far…

"I'm sorry, but-" she started, but her voice was cut off by the bell. "I'll see you around, Doctor," Katrina sighed, standing up, shutting off her laptop, and leaving the room. Once she was out of distance, she looked back and saw the Doctor staring after her. She would have to wipe his memory later… but, she could do one last thing before she had to go.

"Hey, Doctor! I like the Master better then I like you! And, also, the universe is mine! Aha-ha-ha-ha-ha-HA!" she shouted back and the Doctor blinked.

"Great…I've discovered a maniac…that's just brilliant," she heard the Doctor mutter to himself and Katrina smirked. Job well done.

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