In Which

The Doctor Finally Confronts Harold

In Which…

The Doctor (Finally) Confronts Harold the Kitten

The Doctor stood outside the Pond-Williams house, fist hovering near the door. He would do this. He would confront that cat if it was one of the last things he did. He would do this…no, yes…he would do this. With determination, he knocked sharply on the door, turned around, and hurried quickly away. He couldn't do it. That cat was a psychopath. But, if he didn't confront that cat, he'd be afraid of it forever. Now, he couldn't avoid it either. The Doctor turned around and slowly walked back to the door.

The Doctor waited for half an hour before finally getting irritated. Why hadn't Pond answered the door yet? It's not like they weren't home… The Doctor turned and looked at the empty driveway.

"Oh," he said and sighed. The lack of Ponds was hindering his inevitable confrontation of that cat. So, instead of waiting any longer, he turned and walked to the back yard. Luckily enough, he window was open. Awkwardly, the Doctor slid through the window, knocking over the potted plants and various things on the windowsill, and into the kitchen sink. He got off of the pile of dishes and slid onto the floor, slipping over a fluffy catnip mouse and falling on his ass.

After a moment of confusion, the Doctor stood up and looked around. The cat was nowhere to be seen.

"Cat?" he called, looking around the kitchen. There was a soft pattering sound accompanied by a quiet jingling as the fluffy white kitten trotted into the kitchen.

The Doctor flinched, pressing his back against the counter, a small shriek escaping his lips. The kitten sat down in front of him and stared at the Doctor with huge blue-green eyes.

"Hello, Doctor," the kitten said, eyes continuing to stare at the Doctor. The Doctor blinked.

"Um, hello," he replied, swallowing. His hearts were pounding in his chest so fast he thought they might burst.

"Those two humans I currently reside with call me Harold. I think it's funny," the kitten said, "because I used to be called that name by an entire country. However, 'Harold' is not my true name. Guess what my name is, Doctor, I dare you."

The Doctor paused. What in the world was going on here? It-it didn't…he couldn't be. No, it wasn't possible.

"Master?" the Doctor gaped questioningly and the kitten blinked.

"Yes, actually… good job, Doctor. You're better at this then I thought," the fluffy white Master said, eyes narrowing.

"But, but how? And, how did you get off of Gallifrey?" the Doctor demanded, taking a step towards the kitten.

"Well, you see…" the Master started, tail twitching.

The Master needed to get off of Gallifrey at all costs. The other Time Lords were beginning to really irritate him and the drums had become extremely loud since he'd decided to form the link to bring back the planet. He was in an overall state of annoyance; every single day, he had to sit in the blasted cell he currently called home and was forced to listen to the President rant about how the Master was a traitor for helping the Doctor, how he was an insolent, diseased child, how he should have turned out a model citizen, etc. One could see how that was annoying, couldn't they? Yes? Good.

Anyway, the Master needed to get away, and he needed to get away soon, before he lost his sanity. Well, his sanity was long gone, but that wasn't important. He just needed to get out.

"Hey! Oi! Master!" called a voice and a rock came flying through the bars on the window of his cell, hitting the Master smack in the forehead. He, grumbling, looked out of the window, one hand covering the, now bleeding, section of his forehead.

"What?" he snapped before blinking. Standing outside of his cell was that girl from before. What was her name again? Kathy? No, Katherine? Oh wait, it was Katrina.

"Sorry to disturb you or anything, but I can get you out of that cell," said the teenager, who was currently dressed in a purple coat, green vest, blue shirt, yellow tie, and clown makeup.

"Oh, you can, can you? And, why are you wearing that?" he asked and Katrina shrugged, a coy grin crossing her face.

"No reason in particular… and yes, I can. I am the writer, after all… I can just write you out, can I not?" she asked rhetorically and the Master furrowed his eyebrows. Yes, she could.

"I believe you can do whatever you feel like," the Master said calmly. Katrina's smirk grew.

"Damn right, I can. So, I'll get you out of there on one condition," she replied, equally calm. The Master sighed. He should have known.

"What's your condition?"

"You have to be the Crack! part of my chapter for this week," she said and the Master sighed once more.

"As you wish," he said and Katrina nodded firmly.

"Awesome. Thanks, Master!" she said cheerfully, snapping her fingers. A section of the wall disappeared and the Master walked out of his cell. "I trust you have no issue with kittens," she said, snapping again. The Master furrowed his eyebrows. He probably shouldn't have agreed to this…

"So you've been a kitten this entire time?" the Doctor asked and the Master nodded. "But, how did she even get on Gallifrey to begin with?"

"How am I supposed to know? I was just happy to be out of there…"

"Is she, I don't know, ever going to turn you back?"

The Master shrugged, an action that looked rather awkward, considering he was a kitten.

"Doubt it. But, then again, she always did like me best, so you never know."

"Um, Doctor, why are you in my house and…Oh dear God, what did you do to my potted window plants!" came the voice of Amelia Pond and the Doctor whirled around to face the angry ginger.

"Um…right… I was just…leaving," he said, turning and bolting out the door.

"Come back here! Doctor! Doctor!" Pond called after him, but he didn't turn around until he'd reached his Tardis.

Back at the Pond-Williams house, the Master closed his eyes and curled up on the couch. He'd get his regular shape back eventually, but for now, he was content.

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