In Which

Time Lords are Pessimists

In Which…

Time Lords are Pessimists

This would be it. His plan would come to pass this time, he knew it would. He'd tried for so long...three times could count as long, right?

The President swished into the gigantic meeting room where all of the Time Council sat waiting. He stepped up to the podium and raised his staff, causing the room to fall silent.

"The plan has been put into action! Tonight, either Gallifrey falls or GALLIFREY RISES!" he called enthusiastically. There were a few brief seconds of pause before the rest of the room responded.

"GALLIFREY FALLS!" the Time Lords called in unison.

"Gallifrey rises!" screamed a single extremely hyper Time Lady named the Writer. The President lowered his staff and pouted, sulking away. Maybe next time…

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