In Which

Katrina Lycanthrope Meets the Cybermen

In Which…

Katrina Lycanthrope Meets the Cybermen

Katrina Lycanthrope sat at the top of the slide in the park near her house, her laptop perched on her lap. Her mother had kicked her out of the house for the day, saying she needed to stop watching Doctor Who and should get some fresh air. Little did her mother know, she had the complete second season on her laptop. Mwahahaha.

Snorting in self-amusement at having just typed 'mwahahaha' on her story, she continued to write, drawing inspiration from the episode she'd just watched. She would put the cybermen in her story. She was absolutely certain that they would end up in this chapter.

"Okay, now, if I just had the cybermen do something with the Master…no, that would not work… I've already left the Master off with the Ponds. Huh, damn, I have no clue what I should do with them," she muttered to herself, rubbing her forehead and proceeding to completely mess up her hair running her hands through it. "Sometimes I hate not living in England… if I did, maybe it'd be easier to come up with something."

"Aaaaagh! Run for your liiiiiiives!" screamed a random passerby, but Katrina ignored her.

"They're gonna kill us!" continued a man, but Katrina continued to ignore it.

"DELETE! DELETE!" cried a metallic voice, yet Katrina still ignored it.

"Yeah, I have no inspiration at all right now…" she mumbled, shaking her head. Finally looking up from the computer screen, she saw people running away from a swarm of shiny metallic men. Cybermen. "Oh, that is just perfect! Hey, Cyber-dude!" she called, trying to attract the attention of one of the cybermen.

"Okay, read this one," Katrina said enthusiastically, turning the laptop to show the cyberman she'd enlisted to help her write her chapter of the week. The cyberman paused.

"THIS STORY IS INADEQUATE. IT WILL BE UPGRADED," the cyberman commanded and Katrina scowled.

"But this is the forth time I've written it!" she protested.


"But I like this version," Katrina wined irritatedly.

"DELETE. DELETE," the cyberman said, pressing the backspace button and shutting the document.

"Noooooo, why did you do that! I told you I liked this version, damn it!" she shrieked, smacking her forehead on the bar of the slide a few times.

"YOUR STORY SHALL BE UPGRADED. IT WILL BECOME VERSION 2.0 OR IT WILL BE DELETED," the cyberman reprimanded and Katrina sighed.

"Fiiiiiine," she said exasperatedly, opening a new word document and trying again.

It was several hours longer and many chapters deleted later that the cyberman was finally appeased. As soon as she uploaded it, the cyberman, which Katrina nick-named Tim, went back to its job of killing people and Katrina decided it would be best if she just went home and pretended like this had never happened.

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