In Which

The Doctor Visits Rose

In Which…

The Doctor Visits Rose

The Doctor was bored. He wanted to stop laying low, having 'died' almost a month ago, and he wanted to do everything he'd said he could do. He'd already called the Brigadier, and had attended Jack's stag parties. Which had been, possibly, the worst thing he'd ever done. In fact, he was still sore from, erm, well, he didn't want to talk about it, never mind. So, in an attempt to remove the onslaught of images that had resurfaced in his brain, he tried to think of anything else he had wanted to do. Only one thing came to mind. He would help Rose Tyler with her homework.

The Doctor parked the Tardis outside of the Tyler household and got out, adjusting his new purple polka-dotted bowtie. He was a little nervous to see Rose again. The last time he'd seen her, he'd left her back in the alternate reality with a half-human version of his past self. But, if he were lucky, which he rarely was, he'd get to see her before she'd met him. So he'd have no idea who he was. Which was a good thing.

The Doctor knocked on the door to Rose's flat and waited, rocking on his heels. The door was opened by Jackie Tyler, Rose's mum.

"Hello?" she asked and the Doctor grinned. He'd missed this woman.

"Jackie!" he cried, pulling her into a hug before he could stop himself.

"Who are you?" she asked once the Doctor had let go. He grinned charmingly.

"I'm John Smith. I'm here to help Rose with her homework!" he said and Jackie smiled.

"Oh, Rose told me she was having a little trouble with physics. Come right on in," she said and the Doctor walked into the house. "Rose! A boy's here to help you with your homework!"

"Mum, I'm busy!" Rose called back.

"You can play with Mickey later! You need to do your physics homework!" Jackie called and Rose groaned.

"I'm not playing with Mickey, I'm…doing something else!" Rose called back. The Doctor, curious, walked back to Rose's room and pushed open the door. Rose was standing next to her bed talking to…him. His ninth self. Drat.

"Oh, hello! Rose, who's this?" Nine asked as the Doctor stood, gaping, at his past self.

"I don't know," Rose said, wrinkling her nose.

"I'm John Smith," the Doctor lied, smiling, "I'm here to help Rose with her homework."

"I'm the Doctor," said Nine, smiling. The Doctor nodded.

"Yes, I know," he blurted before clapping his hands over his moth, his eyes widening. "Oops."

"How do you know who I am?" Nine asked and the Doctor quickly turned, darting out of the room.

"Wait! What about Rose's homework!" Jackie called from behind the Doctor as he ran back to the Tardis.

"She'll get it eventually!" he called back, opening the door, darting in, slamming the door, and then quickly escaping. "Well, that was not good…not good at all."

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