In Which

Katrina Gets a Job

So, I don't know why I felt the need to find a job for my character... she, and I know this from experience, would have been perfectly fine working at Torchwood...however, since I doubt that pays enough to buy a space ship, she needed to take a second one. So this is what happened.

In Which…

Katrina Gets a Job

Katrina Lycanthrope sat in front of her possible new boss and gazed into his large black eyes.

"Are you sure you want this position to be filled by me?" she asked tentatively and the creature in front of her nodded its bulbous pale head. "Well, alright then…I suppose I can work with you."

The Doctor knew the creatures he wouldn't ever remember being surrounded by surrounded him. The Silence were closing in on him. There were thousands of them, judging by the amount of tally marks on his skin, and there was no escape.

"Doctor!" called a voice he hadn't heard in months, that amount of time having passed since he started fighting the Silence. The Doctor looked away from the creature he had been staring down and saw the one person he hadn't ever thought he'd see in 1969. It was Katrina Lycanthrope. And she had a clipboard.

"Katrina? What are you doing here?" he asked, temporarily forgetting what he'd been staring at. The teenager in front of him, who was usually in the 21st century, was dressed in a pinstriped pencil skirt and a white blouse, her fake glasses on her face and her honey blonde hair twisted into a bun. Over her left eye was a silver patch. Katrina grinned.

"Working," she said simply, " I got a job as the coordinator of recreational activities with the Silence. They got bored of tennis, water polo, and macaroni art, so I thought, 'what the hell. Let's go fight some people'," Katrina explained with a shrug of indifference. The Doctor gawked at her for a moment, his mouth opening and closing, and his golden-green eyes blinking rapidly.

"You work for the Silence?"

"Yup," the teenager said, popping the p.

"You work for the Silence," he repeated. Katrina nodded.

"Yes, I think we established this already. What's your point?"

"My point? My point is that they're trying to kill me!" the Doctor yelled, arms flailing as he stepped towards Katrina purposefully. Katrina blinked the one eye that the Doctor could see, furrowing her eyebrows.

"Yes, and?"

"And I thought you liked me!"

"I do like you, Doctor," Katrina said, "I just needed money. The Silence pay me five grand an hour."

"For what?" the Doctor inquired.

"I'm trying to buy a space ship from U.N.I.T, and they won't take any offer below four million."

"You do know that I could just take you for a ride in the Tardis and you wouldn't have to pay for it, right?"

"Yeah, I know… I just kinda want a space ship."

"Oh, all right then," the Doctor said, turning away. "Good luck with your space ship."

"And good luck to you too fighting the Silence. You're gonna need it… they learned some pretty epic things in macaroni art class," Katrina said and the Doctor heard her walk away.

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