In Which

The 4th Doctor Loses his Scarf

Yet another note,
This is my first documented attempt at writing a Doctor who isn't from New!Who. Please be nice, haha.

In Which…

The Fourth Doctor Loses His Scarf

The Doctor was confused. Confused and annoyed. He was annoyed, confused, and worried, but mainly confused. Why was he confused? His scarf was gone. His gigantically huge, lengthy, multicolored scarf. Gone.

"Leela, we have a crisis," he said, walking into the control room of his Tardis. Leela pulled out her knife.

"What is it, Doctor? Do I have to remove something from the Tardis? Should I go grab my Janus toms?" Leela asked, glancing around the control room, tensed for battle.

"No, it's much worse," the Doctor said.

"How could it be worse?" Leela asked, eyebrows raised.

"I can't find my scarf!" he cried, running his hands through his mop of curly hair.

"How could you possibly lose your scarf! It's like fifty feet long!" Leela asked, stuffing her knife back into its sheath.

"It's only thirty six feet long…but that's not the point! I would give my jelly babies to find that scarf!" he said. Leela sighed.

"K-9, do you know where the Doctor's scarf is?" she asked the robotic dog that had just made its way into the control room.

"Negative. Last warabouts of scarf are unknown," K-9 said, ears twitching. The Doctor frowned deeply.

"Cheer up, Doctor. I'm sure you'll find it around here somewhere…meanwhile, why don't you just wear one of your other ones?"

"It wouldn't be the same…" the Doctor said, shaking his head sadly. He wanted his scarf back. He missed his scarf.

~Some Time in the Future~

"Hey Doctor, there's something wrapped around the Tardis controls," Rory Williams called and the Doctor furrowed his eyebrows. Something wrapped around the controls? What would be able to sneak inside his Tardis and wrap around his controls?

"What does it look like?" he called back, pushing a button on the control panel.

"It's really long, sort of yellow and red and green, and kind of feels like yarn," Rory said and the Doctor froze.

"It can't be…no, that's not possible," he said, darting down to the second level of controls to look at what Rory was describing. Sure enough, there it was. All thirty-six feet of multicolored yarn-y goodness.

"Doctor, what is it?" Rory asked. The Doctor pulled the object out of the controls and wrapped it several times around his thin neck, more times then he'd had to do during the regeneration that actually wore this scarf.

"My scarf…I lost it during my 4th regeneration…I thought I'd never see it again," he marveled and Rory looked at him incredulously.

"You lost that thing? It's gigantic," Rory said and the Doctor frowned.

"Hush, you," he said, walking back up to the controls, tripping on the scarf several times along the way. In truth, he had no idea how he'd actually managed to lose his scarf, and he had a feeling he truly didn't want to know.

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