In Which

The Doctor is Saved Mostly

In Which…

The Doctor is Saved…Mostly

The Doctor, known as '10.5', 'handy', 'the half-human Doctor', or 'John Tyler' as he was now called, was bored. He was so bored of his domestic life with Rose that he simply could not take it any more. He had never been a fan of domestics, but this, life with Rose in a flat in London, this was torture. Pure torture of the worst type. Oh dear God, how he had to get out of there! She'd made him get a job and enlisted him in a, shudder, book club. Not that he didn't like books… it was just. so. domestic.

As the Doctor parked the small blue Volkswagen Beetle he'd named 'Tardis the second', he heard a loud high-pitched noise. It seemed to be coming from the sky. Invaders from the sky, oh ho! He'd missed this so very very much! More enthusiastically then he'd moved in nearly a year, the Doctor leaped from his car and looked up, squinting his eyes against the bright sun. It was a space ship. There was a large, beautiful, green and silver space ship. And, thank Rassilon; it was landing in front of his flat!

The space ship was large, though only large enough to be piloted by one or two people, and it resembled a beta fish, only with a large gun on the roof. The Doctor would have scowled at the sight of the gun had he not been so excited to see a space ship at all.

The nose of the space ship opened with a hiss, acid green smoke pouring out of the mouth as an illuminated silver staircase descended. A shadowy figure emerged from within, and the Doctor's heart hammered against his chest with excitement.

"Ooh, this is fantastic!" called an American accented voice and a teenaged girl came into view. She was wearing a pair of blue jeans, no shoes, and a Tardis-blue sweater zipped over a black t-shirt, her short honey colored hair partially concealed under a fez. "They didn't say the ship could travel dimensions too! That was the best bargain I've ever found!" She turned to the Doctor, smiling hugely. "Hi! I'm Katrina Lycanthrope! I'm here to rescue you!"

"To rescue me?" he asked, eyebrows raised. Katrina Lycanthrope nodded enthusiastically.

"Yup!" she said, walking forward and staring up at the Doctor with glittering jade gray eyes. "You do want to get out of here, right?"

"Oh yes!" the Doctor replied enthusiastically, a manic grin on his face.

"Great! Let's go!" Katrina said, turning towards her space ship. "Allons-y!"

"Oh yes!" the Doctor repeated, following the teenager into the acidy green depths of the ship.

"Let me get this straight," the Doctor asked quietly, looking at the teenager he'd come to enjoy and his half-human past self from across the table in the Tardis' dining room, "you bought a space ship just to retrieve him from the parallel dimension I put him in so he/I could be with Rose?"

"Problem?" Katrina asked smugly. The half-human Doctor gave the Doctor a look.

"What?" the Doctor asked.

"A bowtie? Really?" the half-human Doctor asked and the Doctor scowled.

"Now, now, children, don't fight," Katrina taunted and both Doctors looked at her with an expression that said 'seriously?'. "What?" she asked, putting on a look of innocence at the looks she was receiving. "I did save you, didn't I? You should be grateful I didn't leave your past self there with that…blonde…"

"You're right. Thanks, Kat."

"No prob. Domestics are boring. I believe you now owe me." Katrina got up and gave the Doctors a sinister smile. "And, trust me, I have a few ideas." Both Doctors looked at one another and swallowed the growing lump in their throats. Owing Katrina Lycanthrope a favor and the fact that she had ideas as to how he was meant to repay her? That was not good…very very very not good at all.

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