In Which

There Are Two of Them

And here we have another chapter of mostly inside jokes. This'd basically be what'd happen if there were two slightly younger versions of me in the same room.

In Which…

There Are Two of Them

Katrina Lycanthrope left the Torchwood hub, which she still worked at when she wasn't working for the Silence, and sighed, running a hand through her now shoulder length hair. Sometimes she just wished she could be in two places at once. She already used her vortex manipulator to pull more hours then was otherwise possible at work, and then she still had to go back to the states to complete school. It was so stressful…

"Wait," she paused, making several people nearby her pause to see what she had to say. This happened a lot, most likely due to the fact that she owned the Universe, but most of the time she found it irritating. Today, Katrina didn't really care. "What if I were to get a Ganger? I mean…if there really were two of me, then I could get twice as much stuff done, right?"

"Oh, you weren't talking to me…" said a random man, one of the people who had stopped to hear what she had to say. Katrina shook her head.

"No, I was talking to myself. I do that a lot," she said and the crowd of people mumbled their disappointment and scattered. "Okay," Katrina decided. "I'm going to go and get a Ganger."

Katrina landed on the island with that castle from the Ganger episode and sidestepped a puddle of acid on her way up to the vat of Flesh. This was going to be awesome. Carefully, she observed the vat for a moment before pressing her hand to it, providing the necessary DNA needed to make herself a Ganger.

About an hour later, an exact copy of Katrina Lycanthrope emerged from the vat of Flesh and Katrina smiled at her Ganger cheerfully. The Ganger smiled back identically.

"Oh, you're just fantastic, aren't you?" the real Katrina asked, giving her Ganger an appreciative look.

"You're fantastic too," said Ganger!Katrina, copying the appreciative look, "I mean, you are the owner of the Universe."

"True…" Katrina responded, "So, do you wanna go to my Christmas party?"

"Is it in the dungeon?" the Ganger replied, responding to the inside joke that Katrina had with her friend Thea. They both grinned.

"Yeah, it's next to the infirmary."

"Will there be garlic bread?"

"Yes, and bunnies with guitars."

"Excellent! Then, I challenge you to a duel!"

"Bella, who are these people, Edward yelled," the real Katrina finished.

"Best. Story. Ever," the Ganger!Katrina summed up and both Katrinas burst out laughing.

"Oh dear Loki, this is hilarious! I see what the Doctor meant when he said what he said about having someone think exactly like you! I love it!" Katrina said and Ganger!Katrina nodded in agreement. "So, are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"That we should find the Doctor?"

"Yup!" Katrina said.

"Then yes, I am thinking what you're thinking!"

"Allons-y!" both Katrinas shouted at the same time and they left the room containing the vat of Flesh.

Katrina and her Ganger skipped up the steps to the top of the tower and Ganger!Katrina rapped her knuckles on the door before they both just teleported in using the vortex manipulator.

"Oh dear Loki, that is really irritating!" said Ganger!Katrina.

"I know…" Katrina said in reply and they both popped their spines before looking up to see that most of the people in the room were staring at them.

"Oh no…" the two Doctors said in unison and both Katrinas grinned evilly.

"Oh yes."

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