In Which

The Doctor Bakes

Warning for this chapter: Includes a tinge of Doctor!whump. I feel kinda bad about it, but it was necessary in a chapter entitled 'In Which...The Doctor Bakes'.


In Which…

The Doctor Bakes

The Doctor sat in his Tardis trying to figure out something to do. He had absolutely nothing left on his list of things to do. This was usually the point at which he either bothered the Ponds, phoned River, irritated his half-human past self, or was irritated by Katrina Lycanthrope, but none of those options were available to him. The Ponds were on their seventy third honeymoon, River was at a weeping angel rave, 10.5 was visiting Martha, and, surprisingly enough, the young writer was nowhere to be seen. And the fact that he even wanted to be around her showed just how bored he was.

Suddenly, there came the familiar sound of breaking bones, and an accompanying flash of light. The Doctor smiled largely.

"Oh, Loki, that is really getting old," groaned Katrina as she stood up, her spine popping once again.

"Kat! Where've you been?" the Doctor asked and Katrina blinked at him once, most likely surprised at his sudden enthusiasm at her appearance.

"Um, hello Doctor. It's nice to see you," she said, a small smile on her face.

"I'm so glad to see you. I am so bored!" he exclaimed, flailing his arms in exasperation. Katrina's smile died slightly and was reborn into a pout.

"I'm sorry…I actually have something I have to get done today…" she said and the Doctor scowled.

"What do you have to do?"

"Well," the writer said, reaching up and smoothing down her now above chin-length hair. "I just got back from a hair appointment, and I'm supposed to be getting ready for prom, but I'd wanted to tell you I couldn't be in this chapter today. Besides, I've been one of the major characters in three chapters in a row before this. I think it's time to give my character a break."

"Oh…" the Doctor said and sighed. "Well, have fun at your dance."

"I'll do my best. And you have fun trying to figure out something to do!" Katrina said, waving and then disappearing again in another flash of light.

The Doctor sat back down and sighed, crossing his long arms over his bony chest. He fidgeted with his bowtie for a moment, again, trying to figure out what to do when it hit him like a new driver hits a mailbox. He could utilize the kitchen for the first time since the Tardis had rebuilt!

Half an hour later, the Doctor found the new kitchen, which had been where the library used to be. This room still contained the swimming pool, but the Doctor didn't care right now. He was on a mission. A mission to bake a cake.

Because the original recipe for chocolate cake seemed so boring, the Doctor pulled down random things he thought would taste good to add to it. Strawberries: check. Raisins: check. An avocado: check. There were several other things he added too, but he didn't keep a list.

When the Doctor had finished stirring the lumpy greenish mixture, he poured it into a cake pan and put it in the oven for the amount of time he was instructed to.

After the 'cake' was cooled, the Doctor cut himself a large slice and walked around the pool and back to the console room. This cake looked so much cooler then the other cakes he'd come across in his travels. There were bits of stuff in it!

The Doctor cut a piece of his piece of cake with his fork and happily plopped it into his mouth. He was able to eat almost the entire piece before he began to feel a little off. Clutching his stomach, he tossed the almost finished piece of cake away and it landed with a splat, sticking to the wall. The Doctor moaned in pain. Worst. Cake. Ever.

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