In Which

The Doctor is Bored

So, I was thinking about the trip to New York I took a few days before my fourteenth birthday, and I remembered seeing a man who looked kind of like the eleventh Doctor on a bench in Central Park. Back then, I was still obsessed with vampires, and had no idea what Doctor Who was (blasphemy!), but if I had known about Doctor Who, then I would have sat down next to him and told him he looked like the Doctor. This is the story of when my thirteen-year-old self meets the Doctor, ineffably leading to my obsession with the show.

In Which…

The Doctor is Bored

The Doctor sat on a park bench in New York City listening to the iPod the Ponds had bought him for his one thousand and twenty-seventh birthday. He had taken the Ponds to New York as a vacation from all the adventures they'd been having lately, and he had no idea as to where they ran off to. He had a feeling they were either at the Empire State building, or at the Statue of Liberty…or maybe they were shopping. The Doctor honestly hadn't been listening to what they'd told him they'd be doing before they ran off. It didn't matter though, because he could just play with one of his iPod apps or something when he got bored.

Unfortunately, he was already bored, and the only app he had was a calculator. That was irritating. He'd been about to resort to playing with the calculator when his battery suddenly died.

"No, oh, no, no, no!" he moaned, hitting the iPod against the palm of his right hand. He heard a crack and blinked, staring down at the electronic device in his hand. He broke it. The Doctor scowled, shoving the iPod in his pocket with a huff. "Useless."

"Excuse me, sir, may I sit with you for a moment?" came a voice that sounded oddly familiar and the Doctor looked up. In front of him was a girl who looked about thirteen, with long honey brown hair, black short shorts, a hot pink shirt, and a black vest. On her head was a fedora, in her hands were several shopping bags, and her heavily makeup-ed gray-green eyes stared at him apprehensively and unblinkingly. The Doctor smiled and nodded. The girl smiled and sat down, setting her bags on the ground. "Thanks."

"Not a problem," the Doctor replied, trying to think of why this girl was so familiar, because he honestly didn't know who she was. "I'm the Doctor."

"Doctor who?" she asked and the Doctor shrugged.

"Just the Doctor. What's your name?"

"I'm Katrina Lycanthrope, but everyone calls me Kat," she said and the Doctor blinked. Oh. It was Katrina! But she was so young!

"Nice to meet you, Kat," the Doctor smiled, trying his hardest to keep his face from showing the shock he felt. The younger Katrina smiled, pulling something out of one of her shopping bags.

"Nice to meet you too," she said, breaking off a piece of her giant pretzel. "Want some?" she held out the portion she'd broken off to the Doctor, who accepted it.

"Thanks," he took a bite, "so how are you liking New York?"

"It's a bit harder to breathe here then it is in South Carolina, but I keep hoping I'll get to see one of the actors from my favorite television show," she said and took a bite of the pretzel. "Ian Sommerhalder. He plays Damon Salvatore on the Vampire Diaries."

"Do you know a television show called Doctor Who?" he asked. His Katrina's favorite show was Doctor Who, not Vampire Diaries. Katrina shook her head.

"I've heard of it, and one of my friends keeps telling me to watch it, but I'm fine just watching my vampire shows thanks," she said awkwardly and the Doctor frowned.

"Well, you should watch it someday," he said and the two persons on the bench fell silent for a moment.

"You know," mused Katrina suddenly, "all my life I've been told to avoid talking to strangers, yet, since I'm from the south, I've always done it anyway. I never thought I'd end up talking to some British man on a park bench in New York."

"It's funny how things work out, eh?" the Doctor said with another smile and Katrina gave a small smirk, one that the Doctor was very familiar with, in return.

"It is," she said with a small laugh. Without warning, the Doctor stood up.

"I'm bored," he announced and Katrina raised an eyebrow.

"Are you?" she asked calmly.

"Yup! And my companions aren't going to be back for quite some time and I broke my iPod, so do you want to go exploring?" The Doctor paused and Katrina blinked, making the Doctor see that her dark eye shadow was actually three different dark eye shadows-black right above the eye, forest green directly above that, and a color that resembled the color of the Tardis directly under her eyebrows. Katrina had been sticking to her fandom even though she didn't know it yet. That made the Doctor smile again.

"I've only just met you though… you could be some kind of serial killer," she said calmly before standing up, "thankfully, however, for you, I am rather fond of serial killers. I'll go adventure with you if you promise not to murder me."

"I can guarantee that I am not a serial killer," the Doctor said and winked at Katrina, who gave a small snort of laughter. The laughter sounded much, much less evil then that of her future self.

About an hour later, the Doctor and the writer, though she didn't quite know it yet, were skipping through the Central Park Zoo, both laughing, Katrina's bags of stuff swinging from their hands, when the Doctor stopped, pointing at a polar bear that was doing something interesting. Katrina smiled.

"You know," she said, watching the polar bear, "I never thought running off with some stranger could be this much fun!"

"Doctor," called Amy Pond, who had just rounded a corner with Rory in tow. The Doctor and Katrina turned and the Doctor grinned.

"Amy! Rory!" he called back. "Come meet Katrina Lycanthrope! She and I are adventuring."

"Hi there," Katrina said on cue and the ginger and her husband looked at her.

"Doctor, how many times have we told you not to kidnap random children?" Rory asked, more calmly then his wife ever could. The Doctor pouted.

"I didn't kidnap her…"

"I went willingly," Katrina said, "since he promised not to murder me."

"Doctor!" Amy shrieked.

"What?" he asked exasperatedly. Amy gave him a look. "What?"

"You did kidnap her, didn't you?" she asked and both Katrina and the Doctor shook their heads.

"Of course he didn't. He was bored, and I was bored, and we're both tourists, so we decided to go do what tourists do and look at stuff," the past version of Katrina explained and Amy scowled.

"Fine, but I think Katrina's family may be looking for her?" the ginger offered, trying to make the writer leave. Katrina shrugged.

"You're right, I suppose. I had a fun time hanging out, Doctor," she said, holding her hand out for her bags, which the Doctor handed to her reluctantly. "I hope to see you again. Next time you're in Mt. Pleasant, look me up." With that, Katrina turned and walked away, swinging her shopping bags as she went. The Doctor grinned at the Ponds, who looked slightly confused.

"Was that..?" Rory asked and the Doctor nodded. It was then that he realized that he had been the inevitable cause of Katrina Lycanthrope's obsession with him, but it had been worth it. He was no longer bored.

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