In Which

The Master Goes on a Field Trip

Please don't ask the inspiration behind this chapter... I suppose I only wrote it because I was at a crappy water park.

In Which…

The Master Goes on a Field Trip

"But, Lucy! I'm bored!" whined Harold Saxon to his wife one morning as they sat in a room on the Valiant. It wasn't even a room that was used for anything. It was just a room. Lucy sighed, by now, used to her husband's irritatingly childish attitude when it came to actually accomplishing all the thinks a Prime Minister was supposed to accomplish.

"Okay, Harry… If you finish all your work, I'll take you out for ice cream," Lucy offered, trying to get Harold Saxon to do something besides complain.

"I don't want ice cream, I want to go to a water park," he pouted, crossing his arms over his chest. Lucy sighed again.

"Fine, we'll go to a water park after you finish your work."


Harold and Lucy Saxon arrived at Splash Island several hours later and the one who was also known as 'the Master' immediately ran over to the giant water slide. Lucy sat down on a pool chair to watch her husband, just barely resisting the urge to roll her eyes at his childishness. It was lovable most of the time, but it also got on her nerves.

"Was that your husband?" asked someone from Lucy's right and Lucy nodded, looking over at the stranger who had spoken. She had short hair and pale skin, her eyes covered by a pair of dark sunglasses, and she was dressed in a black string bikini. "I know someone who acts like that. The trick is to not give into their every whim… it spoils them."

"I've tried that," Lucy said, "it didn't work."

"It never does at first. Be patient," the girl said, standing up and pulling off her sunglasses. Lucy blinked, recognizing this to be the girl who'd showed up and had ruined the drama of one of her husband's and the Doctor's arguments.

"Wait, aren't you that girl who teleported in one day?" Lucy asked and the girl nodded.

"Yeah, but I'm not supposed to be here. I really must be going. I have to go pick up some shwarma for my picnic."

Five minutes later, Lucy, who had been just beginning to doze off in her pool chair, felt a tap on her shoulder. She opened her eyes and looked up.

"Ma'am, is this your husband?" asked the uniformed officer. Harold Saxon stood a few feet behind him, his hands in handcuffs, and a slightly scolded look on his face.

"Yes, he is. What did he do this time?" she asked, sighing.

"He tried to crash one of the children's parties and ended up causing an uprising," the officer explained and Lucy blinked, not really surprised.

"I really must speak to him about doing that," she said, giving Harold Saxon a look.

"Well, since he's in your hands now, I'll just take the cuffs off of him. But, ma'am, I would not suggest that you bring him back here again."

"Right," Lucy said, watching the policeman take the handcuffs off her irritatingly childish husband. Harold Saxon walked over and stood next to Lucy, rubbing his wrists. Once the officer was out of earshot, she turned to her husband and gave him a small frown.

"And, here's why I don't take you places."

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