In Which

The Doctor and The Master Discover Slash

In Which…

The Doctor and The Master Discover Slash

The Doctor sat at his computer, looking over the profile page of someone named OnyxvanGem on a website called He didn't quite know why he was on that website, but he'd seen Martha on it while she was still around. Martha had left when the Doctor had offered to take the Master with them on their adventures, leaving the Doctor alone with his 'former' arch nemesis.

As the Doctor scrolled down a little, he began to realize there was a theme here. This author was interested in something called 'slash', whatever that was. However, as he continued scrolling, he began to get a rough idea.

"Wocha doing, Doctor?" the Master asked from behind, making the Doctor jump a little. He'd been so absorbed in reading OnyxvanGem's page that he hadn't heard the other Time Lord enter the room. The Doctor looked away for a moment before his eyes snapped back to the page.

"Reading," he said calmly, only a hint of irritation in his voice.

"Reading what?"

"A website," the Doctor explained, furrowing his eyebrows at this writer's favorite pairings section. Then he looked up. "Do you know what 'slash' is?"

The Master shrugged, shaking his head.

"No, why?" he asked and the Doctor returned his gaze to the page, scrolling to the very bottom and clicking on the author's favorite stories section. Then, he eventually clicked on a story around the middle of the list.

"Here's one… it says 'warning! Slash, don't like don't read'," mumbled the Doctor and he and the Master proceeded to read the story.

"Rassilon!" the Master exclaimed, and the Doctor fell out of his chair.

"Is-is that meant to be…us?" he gaped indignantly.

"I think so…"

"What?" The Doctor pulled himself off the floor. "Who would write such a thing!"

"Apparently, this human."

"Brilliant. That's just brilliant," the Doctor sighed. "Whoever wrote this, you have a sick mind! And so do you, OnyxvanGem! Why do you like this?"

"Humans…" the Master said, shaking his head. "I'm going to go have some ice cream and then maybe bleach my brain. You want in?"

"Yes… yes, I think I do."

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