In Which

Silence Falls When the Question is Asked

Think about it... Silence Falls when the question is asked. They fall when the question is asked.

Do you have a nice image in your head now? Yes? Good.

In Which…

Silence Falls When the Question is Asked

Katrina Lycanthrope was back. She had finally given in to the urge to write a chapter from her own perspective, and, dear sweet Loki, it was good.

However, she was beginning to get a little irritate at her lack of inspiration. Working with the Silence had practically drained her of all energy she had, and her ganger was still working. So, using her usual methods, Katrina began to speak to herself aloud, working through her predicament.

"Silence will fall when the question is asked," she subconsciously whispered before pausing, cocking her head to the side slightly, her eyebrows furrowing. "What if I ask the question?" Katrina shook her head. No, that was a terrible idea. Nobody would find that funny. But, as she was both too tired to come up with a fallback idea and too lazy, Katrina decided it was a wonderful idea after all.

Katrina flew her space ship, which she'd named 'Jim', to the headquarters of the Silence. She parked in her usual spot and got out, clocking herself in, and walked up to her office in the Recreation section. When it was time for lunch, she would execute her plan. And what a brilliant…sort of…plan it was.

Knowing that nobody was paying attention to her, she laughed loudly, falling off her chair backwards, having been leaning back in it. Katrina blinked, scrambling to right herself, hoping that none of the Silence had seen her.

At lunch, Katrina accepted her tray with the usual grilled cheese sandwich on it and moved to sit at her usual table. Then, once she was seated, she asked the question. To her surprise, the Silence fell. Literally.

The Doctor blinked, watching the Silence fall over. This was more then a little odd. This had never happened before. However, he had a feeling it would happen eventually. After all, the question had to be asked at least once. He even knew, probably, who had asked it. The Doctor shook his head, walking back to the Tardis and getting inside, abandoning the Silence. He figured that he should take advantage of this opportunity to escape them. He doubted it would present itself again. He was wrong.

Katrina asked the question several more times over the next couple of months, resulting in several skinned knees and bruises for the Silence. However, they didn't fire her. The appreciated macaroni art class too much.

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