In Which

The Doctor Visits Tumblr

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In Which…

The Doctor Visits Tumblr

The Doctor walked into the office portion of the Tardis and sat down at the computer. He'd decided that, since the Ponds were off doing things elsewhere in the Tardis, he'd go on Amy's computer and snoop around for stuff and things. And, since Ten point five was elsewhere also, there was nobody there to stop him.

As soon as he opened up Internet Explorer, he paused for a moment. The screen that had loaded was a website called tumblr. Instead of using his better judgment and going to look at the search history, the Doctor decided to stay on that site. Why not, he thought to himself. If Pond liked it, why wouldn't he?

This turned out to be a huge mistake.

About two hours later, 10.5 wandered into the room to find his future self staring at the computer monitor, his eyes glassy, his index finger twitching against the mouse.

"Hey, what are you doing at Amy's computer?" he inquired but the other Doctor didn't answer, continuing to stare and twitch. "Doctor?" No response. "Doctor?" Still no response. This worried him. He continued to try to get his future self's attention for a few more minutes before deciding to get help. He ran off into the Tardis to retrieve Amy Pond.

"…Do you see what I mean?" 10.5 finished, re-entering the room with Amy Pond and Rory Williams in tow. Rory stared at the eleventh Doctor for a moment.

"Amy, darling, he looks like you did when you first started that site…" he said and Amy nodded.

"I know. I know," Amy murmured, having a flashback to the days directly after the start of her incredible addiction to tumblr. She was still addicted, but it was less terrifyingly so. And less noticeable. She turned back to the younger Doctor. "I can snap him out of this, but I don't think you'll like the result."

"What's the result?" 10.5 inquired cautiously.

"You'll see…" With that, Amy turned again and said two words. "Tom Hiddleston."

The reaction was instantaneous. The Doctor's head shot up and he looked around frantically, eyes still glazed over.

"Where? Oh my god, tell me! He's the most perfect being on the history of the universe! He's gorgeous…my baby! Loki'd!" he babbled before laughing a laugh that sounded like 'ehehe'. He got up and started flitting around the room, apparently searching for Tom Hiddleston.

"Oh dear Rassilon…what have you done?" 10.5 asked breathlessly, his chocolate eyes widening to impossible sizes. Amy smiled at him.

"I told you that you wouldn't like it."

"Amy, sweetheart, this was worse then you were…a lot worse… do you think we should..?" Rory trailed off, also watching the Doctor as he began to murmur something about Robert Downey Jr. Amy nodded, leaving the room with quite a large amount of self control and calling the one person she thought would be able to fix this.

Katrina Lycanthrope used her vortex manipulator to appear inside the Tardis and cracked her spine once more. This was the first she'd used it in quite a while, and she'd forgotten how much it hurt.

"Thank goodness," Amy said, grabbing Katrina's arm before she could say anything and dragging her into the room where the Doctor was 'fan-girling'. "He discovered tumblr."

"Oh dear sweet Loki…" Katrina trailed off, a weird smile stretching across her face. The eleventh Doctor's head shot up and he stared at her. 10.5 groaned, banging his head against the wall.

"Loki'd?" the Doctor inquired, his mouth stretched into a childish grin. Katrina nodded, obviously understanding the reference. She proceeded to talk back to the Doctor in the same babble he'd been speaking in before until he seemed to calm down. Once calm, much to the rest of the room's relief, he cleared his throat, cheeks a bit pink. "Right…um, hi there," he said, "sorry about that."

"You are never to use my computer again."

Several days later, Katrina had to return to the Tardis, as 10.5 had decided to see what was so cool about tumblr as well.

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