In Which

The Master is Bored

In Which…

The Master is Bored

The Master paced back and forth through the conference room of the Valiant, his fingers drumming the one-two-three-four beat of the drums on his thigh as he walked. He made sure that all his turns were dramatic, and that he flailed his arms a bit for effect. He was so bored, and the Doctor had stopped being a source of amusement ages ago. The Master halted his pacing and groaned loudly.

"There is nothing to do on this bloody ship!" he exclaimed, throwing his arms up in the air in irritation and annoyance before allowing them to drop with an overly exasperated frown. He sat down in his favorite swivel chair and spun for a moment before leaning forward and tapping against the table.

"Stop it," came the voice of the Doctor from somewhere behind him and the Master made sure to tap even louder, just to make the Doctor as irritated as he was, his frown replaced by a toothy grin. He heard the Doctor sigh and sit back down, taking away the fun of tapping loudly.

"There is nothing to do!" he groaned again, leaning back and putting a hand to his head. The Drums were always louder when he was bored…that, and he had that 'Call Me Maybe' song in his head and it was making it very hard to concentrate on anything. He hated whoever'd put it on his playlist with an unbridled hatred. And, to make matters worse, the unknown person had deleted all of his Scissor Sisters songs as well.

"Harry, darling," came the voice of Lucy Saxon and the Master looked up. Maybe Lucy had something that would amuse him..?

"Yes, Lucy?"

"Don't you have work to be doing? You are, after all, prime minister," she suggested and the Master groaned at the thought before replying with a short 'no'.

"I have better things to be doing then work. Take me to the zoo?"

"Remember what I told you after the water park excursion?" The Master pouted. Lucy had sworn never to go anywhere with him again after that… pity. He could have enslaved the animals.

"Fine…but I'm not working. Work is boring," he said irritably and Lucy left the room. Now he was back to being bored, not being entertained by the Doctor, and being irritated by that blasted song. "Why is there nothing to do on this bloody ship?"

"There are things to do, Master," the Doctor pointed out, but the Master ignored him, choosing to go to a different room instead. The Doctor bored him also.

The Master wandered through the halls of the Valiant, having just bothered Lucy again about taking him to the zoo, tormented several of the U.N.I.T. assigned soldiers, and baked a rather fantastic plate of cupcakes, still bored.

"I am…so bored!" he exclaimed for the seven thousand and second time that day. "Agh, why am I so bored?"

"Because Gallifrey rises!" shouted someone and the Master whirled around just in time to see that whomever it was had gone again in a flash of light, the signal that a vortex manipulator had been used. It had been the same girl from before, he assumed. And, oddly enough, it had cured his boredom.

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